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‘911’ season 3 release date, spoilers: First responders brace for show’s biggest catastrophe yet; Actor confirms filming in Mexico

From the ‘911’ season 3 official preview | Photo by Fox/YouTube screenshot

The first responders of "911" season 3 are going to face another daunting catastrophe shown in the teaser trailer. Meanwhile, the show is also confirmed to go across the border to film in Mexico.

‘911’ season 3 spoilers: Ultimate emergency hits in third installment

Writers and producers are going all out for "911" season 3 and not running out of ideas to serve the viewers with thrilling story arcs. After the series featured a multi-episode story based on a massive earthquake, the third season will revolve around another disaster that would hit the Santa Monica pier.

The "911" season 3 trailer did its job of exciting fans by proving a sneak peek to an incoming tsunami hitting the beach at a very busy time. Not even the first responders are prepared for the immense emergency.

The characters are scattered at the time the tsunami happens. Buck (Oliver Stark) and Abby (Connie Britton) are on a date with Eddie’s son, Christopher Diaz (Gavin McHugh), when the tsunami happens. Buck is seen in the "911" season 3 teaser scrambling to get the boy to a relatively safer place while yelling at the crowd to run away from the waters.

Interestingly, the "911" season 3 preview is titled “An Emergency Is the Absence of Choice,” and the scenes successfully depict that kind of situation. Buck can be heard screaming Abby’s name, but he is also nowhere to be seen when the tsunami subsides while Christopher is clinging on to a pole.

In season 2, the earthquake arc was the focus of the first three episodes. It is then possible for the upcoming disaster to be the main storyline for the first month of "911" season 3.

'911' season 3 production: Series goes to Mexico

About a week before the preview was released online, Stark also confirmed that they were still filming some parts of "911" season 3. The actor told fans on Twitter that he will not be able to attend the recently held Fox Teen Choice awards because they were in Mexico to "shooting a portion" of the upcoming season.

‘911’ season 3 cast, release date: Ronda Rousey puts on a firefighter's uniform

Former UFC athlete and current WWE star Ronda Rousey will appear in a recurring role in "911" season 3. Her character, Lena Bosko, is featured in the trailer. Lena is described as a “fearless firefighter” who is part of the Station 136.

Rousey will appear in the first episodes of the season as one of the backup responders following the tsunami. "911" season 3 will premiere on Monday, Sept. 23, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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