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4 Reasons to Buy Yourself a Sauna

Can you imagine: you don’t have to book an expensive ticket to a wellnessresort in order to destress after a long workday, but you can simply open your exterior doors and walk right into your own sauna. A dream come true, isn’t it? But next to clearing your mind and recharging your internal batteries, there are many other benefits saunas have. In this article, we give you four reasons to buy your own sauna. Trust us; it’s definitely worth the investment!

  1. Relaxation

As already mentioned, a sauna is a great way to relax and destress after a long (work)day. The heat of the sauna helps your muscles relax, which reduces an overall tensed feeling. Besides the positive feeling on your physical state, it also improves your mental state. A few minutes in the sauna, without being distracted by your phone, mail or social media, can help you clear your mind. Additionally, a visit to the sauna stimulates the production of a substance in the brain, which also boosts your happiness!

  1. Appearance

Did you know that a visit to the sauna has a positive effect on your hair and skin? The heat of the sauna causes your skin to sweat and your pores to widen. Consequently, through sweating and wider pores your skin is able to get rid of toxins from your body, making your skin look cleaner and healthier. A visit to the sauna also ensures stronger hair with a natural shine. The heat makes the scalp produce a substance that moistens the hair. Just make sure that you use a hydrating day cream afterwards, as the sauna also dries out your skin.

  1. Sleep quality

A visit to the sauna right before bedtime appears to improve your sleep quality. Research shows that you sleep faster and deeper after enjoying the sauna, presumably because of the soothing and calming effect on the body and mind. So if you experience any difficulties in sleeping, the sauna might be great for you!

  1. Health

As already pointed out, the sauna benefits your physical health in many ways. The heat of the sauna helps your muscles and joints relax, which makes it easier to recover after an intensive workout or injury. Therefore, a sauna is great for athletes. In addition, a sauna is beneficial to people with asmatic complaints as the heat ensures that the mucous membranes relax, making breathing easier.

Buying a sauna is thus a great way to improve your skin, your sleep quality and your physical and mental health. If you’re looking for another wellness facility with the same benefits, you can also look at (swim)spas. Spas come in all shapes and sizes, from luxurious Sunbelt spas or Aquavia spas to a low budget Bestway jacuzzis.

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