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3 Tips for Overcoming Entrepreneurship Anxiety

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Are you feeling anxious about starting that business you’ve been dreaming of? Maybe you’re still a student and you’re not sure if you’ve got the time or resources to begin this new venture. Maybe you’ve got little to no money to invest in your business idea and you’re struggling to move forward with your dream. No matter your circumstance, there are steps you can take to combat entrepreneurship anxiety and kickstart your new life as a business owner. Let’s take a look at three tips to get you started.

1. Seek Coaching

When dealing with entrepreneurship anxiety, you don’t have to go it alone. Instead, you can enlist some professional help in the form of a business coach who specializes in entrepreneurship. Take Scott Duffy, for instance, a seasoned public speaker who offers business consulting and strategy. Founder of the What Now? Academy, he works collaboratively with you to develop adaptive strategies to help your business grow. The road to entrepreneurship can often be a lonely one, but when you have a business coach like Scott by your side, you’ll feel less alone in your battle against anxious thoughts. Plus, the practical, professional advice you’ll receive will give you better tools to overcome your entrepreneurship anxiety.

2. Practice Self-Compassion

Failure is an inevitability, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. You’re going to hire the wrong people, invest money on software programs that don’t serve you, try a new bookkeeping process that goes awry; it’s all part of the process. However, such mistakes can cause you to feel a huge sense of anxiety because, at the end of the day, the success of your business falls on your shoulders. There’s no denying that it’s an immense responsibility but having a little patience and compassion for yourself can go a long way in calming your nerves. Rather than berating yourself for your errors, forgive yourself and move on. Research has shown that higher levels of self-compassion lead to lower levels of anxiety and depression.

3. Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

As an entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of working constantly. You may find yourself working all hours of the night on refining your logo or designing your website in the hopes of perfecting it. While that dedication is admirable, it can actually spike your entrepreneurship anxiety levels because your brain never has the opportunity to switch off and recharge.

Try your best to set boundaries, such as only working between set hours of the day and turning your work phone off outside that time period. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll soon notice that having a structure and taking breaks will have you feeling more rejuvenated and refocused, which improves productivity in the long run.

Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest workers on the planet. With such hard work and dedication comes some unpleasant side effects, such as entrepreneurship anxiety. Although it may feel daunting to face it head on, it’s vital to find effective techniques of managing your entrepreneurship anxiety to keep it from ruling your life. The sooner you overcome it, the sooner you can be the confident, successful business owner you were always destined to be.

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