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‘World of Warcraft Classic’: Who will be hit by the upcoming bans?

Photo via Screenshot of World of Warcraft/Youtube

For weeks, there have been a lot of “World of Warcraft Classic” players that have been exploiting a bug in the game that can infinitely provide experience and loot. Naturally, the community has been complaining about this abuse and Blizzard is now responding.

Community manager Kaivax announced on a blog post that they’ve created a solution for the “World of Warcraft Classic” issue and will be deploying the fix worldwide. Kaivax also announced that those who have been abusing the exploit would be smacked by the ban hammer.

So who are the candidates for the upcoming punishment? And how did the “World of Warcraft Classic” team segregate the innocent from the guilty?

World of Warcraft Classic community manager explains the situation

Lore, another community manager, summarized the whole situation in one word: intent. Lore explains that in order to take advantage of the “World of Warcraft Classic” exploit, a player needs to do some “very weird stuff” to cause the bug to occur.

Thus, anyone who experienced the bug during a raid will not be punished since the exploit can occur even if players don’t perform the said trick. So if you’re someone who falls under this category, rest assured that Blizzard will not be banning your account and taking away your hard-earned gear. The “World of Warcraft Classic” community, of course, is ecstatic that these abusive players are getting what they deserved.

World of Warcraft Classic is playing with the big boys

A lot of people have been frustrated by this issue since those who have been taking advantage of the exploit explains that Blizzard considers it as a legitimate tactic, adding that the developers actually encourage such behavior. Well, obviously not. As for the overall reception of “World of Warcraft Classic,” suffice to say that it’s doing pretty well after its launch.

So much so that even top streamers like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have migrated into the game. Indeed, Twitch has seen a tremendous uptick in the game’s popularity, with “World of Warcraft Classic” going toe to toe against giant games like “Fortnite” and “Dota 2,” TheVerge reported. Not bad for a 20-year-old game.

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