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When to Hire a Child Injuries Attorney?

Parents go to extreme forethought and care to ensure nothing happens to their children. However, despite acting on every precaution in the book, injuries occur. These injuries can be benign or severe, depending on the carelessness exhibited.

When Should the Claim Be Filed?

Legally speaking, the duration to file a claim for a child is different from an adult. Furthermore, waiting for an injury claim causes a child to suffer, which is not wise overall. If the insurance company tells you to wait, they are probably working to protect their perspective.

If a parent decides to wait, they can lose out on the claim for the person affected by the injury. Therefore, immediately contact a child injury attorney in Harrisonburg whenever a child is injured. These lawyers are experts in handling cases of childhood trauma, so the parents receive an excellent conversation.

Different Child-Related Injuries

A childhood injury lawyer will present their families in numerous scenarios. These include:

  • Injuries in car accidents

  • Injuries related to bicycling

  • Injuries occurring at school or daycare

  • Playground injuries

  • Swimming pool injuries

  • Injuries involving a school bus, car, or other modes of transportation

The lawyers consider the child's sensitive nature and weak immune system while fighting their case. A lawyer will not treat the child harshly or consider it an individual of sound mind and decision-making capacity. Whatever the case or the proceedings may be, the child will be considered a minor.

Instead, the lawyer will take an aggressive approach against the party which caused the accident. Their negligence would be repeatedly brought to light with a compassionate perspective to build empathy for the injured child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I worry about a head injury on my child?

The severity of the head injury cannot be determined externally. Each child will exhibit symptoms differently. They might lose consciousness, vomit, or complain of headaches. So, immediately go to the hospital for a detailed emergency assessment.

Should I worry about an abdominal injury on my child?

A blunt injury to the abdominal region can significantly damage the internal organs and child well-being. Immediately take the child for x-rays, scans, MRIs, and other necessary tests.

Should you worry about my child's chest injury?

Chest injury requires immediate medical attention. Direct impact on the chest can stop blood flow, cause breathing difficulties, and result in life-threatening situations.

Should I worry about an injured knee on my child?

An injured knee is a very common injury. However, if the pain lasts over a day, it requires medical assistance. Other circumstances include the inability to shift weight, uncommon swelling, or pain.

When to hire a children's injury lawyer?

Regardless of whether the child has sustained a broken bone, knee or back injury, or any form of severe injury, it is time to call the lawyer. The firm will work tirelessly for a wrongful death claim if you have been bereaved. There is no compensation for young lives lost or child injuries. Therefore, seek an expert legal consultation today.

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