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WhatsApp update: Web beta version now lets users make personalized stickers

Photo credit: Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

WhatsApp quietly released a new feature on WhatsApp that should help users better express themselves in their online conversations. The messaging service now allows users to create their own stickers directly on WhatsApp.

Like other messaging apps and services, WhatsApp already has a large catalog of ready-made stickers that can be used for free and be directly sent to their friends and family. But the new feature adds an option for them to use personal photos and other images as stickers.

Well-known leaker Mukul Sharma, also popular as stufflistings, was one of the first to notice the new WhatsApp feature. Upon checking, the sticker-making option appears available but only on the WhatsApp Web version.

There are two ways to start creating a personalized sticker on WhatsApp. First, select a conversation. Users can then click the Attach button (the paper clip icon) beside the “Type a message” bar and select Sticker.

Users can also click on the emoji icon beside the Attach button and open the Stickers tab. They will notice that WhatsApp has added a new “Create” button with the + symbol to start making a customized sticker.

Either way, WhatsApp Web users will be asked to select an image from their device that they want to use for their own sticker. The new feature comes with some editing tools, including trim, add text, paint, crop & rotate, undo, and redo buttons. Users can attach emojis to their selected image and readily available stickers to jazz up their creations.

This should be a welcome change for people who are often using WhatsApp. They can now have fun conversations with their contacts without needing to install a separate app to make personalized stickers.

Aside from only being available on WhatsApp Web, the new feature seems to be live for beta users only. The company has yet to address the release of the functionality in testing, so it is still unknown if it is planned to be released as a full version and if there is a mobile version in the works.

WhatsApp users who opt to join the beta program can also try its upcoming multi-device support. It will allow them to open their WhatsApp profiles on up to four devices and continue using it even if their phone is disconnected from the internet.

Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

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