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Trading platform MERCATOX launches crowdfunding campaign

Screenshot of Mercatox crowdfunding site.

Team MERCATOX has announced today that it has already released their beta-version and crowdfunding campaign.

MERCATOX is a universal commerce platform that combines different types of digital money. MERCATOX platform is set to become a multi-functional trading platform with automated trading functionality, integrated payment processing and P2P exchange, based on “Smart Contracts”. As P2P platform, it will allow exchange of any digital and fiat currencies on the platform.

About MERCATOX and company plans

  • Mercatox is a trading platform for accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets.
  • Lending traders. Mercatox will allow traders to raise funds for margin by trading on the exchange as well as for investors to invest and earn income on the loan.
  • E-wallet with a wide range of payment instruments for personal and commercial use.
  • Trading platform for commercial partnerships for the franchise within the «White Label» format
  • Peer-to-peer exchange of electronic currencies, where users can exchange any digital title signs (all the world banks, payment systems, virtual, gaming, cryptocurrency and more).

At the moment, part of the project has already been implemented and is running in beta testing. In order to raise funds for further development and the development of the next platform functions, our team decided to conduct a crowdsale. During this round, which will last until December 20, 5% of platform stakes will be sold.

Investors will be receiving MERCA tokens in exchange for Bitcoins, representing a share of the project.

There will be two ways to receive funds: through an escrow, or directly on the project website. Everyone can choose a more convenient way to transfer funds.

After finishing of crowdfunding every investor will be getting percentage of share, which will be equal to amount invested.

For more details about our crowdsale please visit our official website at

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