Stable-Coin Series: Heads-up on Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook, the social media giant, officially launched its much-anticipated cryptocurrency today with the launch of its official website and whitepaper. 

The official whitepaper of Libra, which was highly speculated cryptocurrency of Facebook, has been released on, with additional partners.

The cryptocurrency would be termed as ‘Libra’ and will be designed and developed on the Libra blockchain, as per the sources. Libra is reportedly a stable, scalable open source and the testnet is available on GitHub.

Most importantly, Libra blockchain implements LibraBFT consensus protocol, “a variant of HotStuff Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol.”

Of late, the interests in the trends of tokenization and stable coins are intensified as more and more.

Profoundly, stable coins in the beginning stage was a product that was quickly developed to answer the demand for digital asset trading, as well as to solve the controversies surrounding fiat trading regulations. We could foresee the prospects of stable coins when all countries could be clear and liberal in their regulations.

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly BTC is flashing at 89 (bullish), hourly USD spot index is also inching at 89 levels (which is bullish) while articulating (at 12:00 GMT). 

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