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‘Shrek 5’: What a reboot means to the movie? Cast, concept and release date prediction

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“Shrek 5” has been confirmed to be a reboot contrary to the earlier reports that it is a movie sequel. It should be noted that there is a big difference between the two as the former means that the film may present a different concept and story.

A sequel means that it will continue or follow the previous film’s story, and this is not the case with “Shrek 5.” The film is already in the works, and prior to the pre-production, Dreamworks hired a new writer to give the reboot a fresh take.

New writer to reinvent the movie

Michael McCullers, who was also credited as the writer of “Austin Powers,” has been tasked to create a story that will reinvent the spoof fairy tale franchise. He was ordered to make sure that the ideas will be fresh and offer modern-day storylines.

What the reboot means

This approach as to how “Shrek 5” will be written perfectly described what a film reboot means. But although it may be very new, the viewers will still see elements that were on the original flicks like the characters and their traits. While the characters will be maintained, some of the things that may change include the settings and the main story plot.

Cast and what to expect

“Shrek 5” may change a bit but it will still star Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey) and Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona). It is uncertain if Antonio Banderas will be back as Puss in Boots. Jeffrey Katzenberg will produce, and Andrew Adamson will direct the upcoming film. The film has no exact plot yet but based on the released details by the movie’s executives, it was mentioned that it would be something that the young people today would be able to relate to.

Release date

“Shrek 5” has no premiere date yet because actual filming has yet to begin. The movie is in pre-production stage so it may take a while before the shoot could commence. It should be noted that it is impossible for the movie to arrive this year or early 2020 as filming will entail a lot of work and post productions could take time as well.

By Louis Bonquin
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