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‘PUBG Mobile’ version 1.0 update: Tencent removes new cheats but 2 long-time hacks persist

From the Erangel 2.0 promo video | Photo credit: Tencent Games via PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M / YouTube screenshot

The “PUBG Mobile” version 1.0 has started to roll out on Tuesday and the developers reveal it also comes with some updates addressing the cheats in the game. Two unnamed cheats have been eradicated from the battle royale title, but two other cheats remain persistent.

How the ‘PUBG Mobile’ version 1.0 addresses massive cheating schemes

Tencent Games released two blog posts on the day “PUBG Mobile” version 1.0 was released with one detailing the patch notes and the other dedicated to the developer’s anti-cheating efforts. It was revealed the two new cheats that have been reported over the previous months were addressed and eliminated from the game. The latest patch should deliver the security updates that would prevent the cheat from spreading further. To also avoid more players exploiting the new cheats, Tencent opted not the name them and instead just call them Cheat Z and Cheat M.

Cheat Z was discovered first in late June after Tencent detected “constant attacks” from the source of the cheat. It reportedly forced players out of the game by disconnecting them or forcing them to die automatically after dropping. The developer reported they were able to address the issue by early July.

The following month, “PUBG Mobile” developers were notified of a new cheat that they only call as Cheat M. This seemed to be a more sophisticated scheme as it involved an Android cheating software being sold on a Telegram group conversation and by a YouTube channel. “By modifying the client and embedding the cheat function in the cracked client, this type of cheat creates an invalid function that destroys the balance in the game,” Tencent said of the cheat program.

Cheat M reportedly allowed for its users to have zero recoils, no screen shakes, expand their vision capacity, remove the fog, and auto-aim. After a player reported the scheme, the developers were able to identify a solution to stop the software from exploiting the game. In both cases, Tencent claimed it was “successful” in making the cheats useless as of “PUBG Mobile” version 1.0.

‘PUBG Mobile’ cheats that Tencent still can’t shake off

Those are bits of good news for a game that has been plagued with plenty of cheat engines and players who exploit them. However, there are two very popular “PUBG Mobile” cheats that Tencent still cannot eliminate. On the bright side, the developer is promising that part of the “New Era” is its improved strategy in dealing with these issues.

Tencent confirms it has yet to completely remove the Auto-Aim cheat and the Grass Hack, which allows its users to play without all the grass in the environment giving them an unfair visual advantage. The “PUBG Mobile” developer promised it is employing “tight surveillance” and has “greatly upgraded our Security system” to address the cheats.

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