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‘One Piece’ manga: Did Shonen Jump really tease the franchise’s ‘final arc’?

From a “One Piece” promo video featuring a Wano Kuni arc recap | Photo credit: ToeiAnimationUS / YouTube screenshot

They say all good things come to an end. However, there is still so much more to explore in the “One Piece” tale that it is almost impossible to picture the series reaching its conclusion anytime soon.

Rumors were rife recently claiming that the teaser for the “final arc” came from no less than Shonen Jump. But a known translator among “One Piece” fans clarified that the promo material in question did not specifically mention a “final arc.”

End of ‘One Piece’ is approaching?

A teaser for the “One Piece” Magazine volume 10 to be released in September reportedly included the phrase “headed toward the upcoming final arc,” according to Anime News Network. The same report added that the advertisement encourages fans to re-read the manga as it implied that the series is closer to its conclusion.

However, Artur of The Library of Ohara explained on Twitter that the teaser being referenced in the reports does not specifically mention a final arc or final saga. The known translator and “One Piece” analyst added, “The quote used was ‘As we'll be heading towards the final part of the story in the near future, now's the time to reread One Piece!’"

Artur further explained that the teaser appears to be stating that the “One Piece” manga will start to set up how the story will end “in the near future.” Fans replying to Artur’s tweets started to speculate that Shonen Jump could be hinting at the final saga possibly starting after the Wano Kuni Arc.

Last year, “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda reportedly gave his editor the approval to announce that the manga the epic tale would be ending in the next five years. This also explains why many fans found it easy to believe that Shonen Jump was teasing a “final arc.”

‘One Piece’: The latest on Wano Kuni Arc

The Wano Kuni story arc is the latest installment in the Yonko Saga that started in October 2015. The main goal for Luffy and his allies right now is to open Wano’s borders, which seems only achievable if they defeat or drive Kaido’s entire forces out of the country.

Big Mom is also currently in Wano, and that offers the possibility for the alliance to take down two Yonkos before the story arc ends. With Wano Kuni Arc previously establishing the connection with Gol D. Roger’s journey to Laugh Tale, Luffy’s next stop is likely to find the One Piece in a potential final saga.

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