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Nintendo Switch sales surpass 4 million in March as people were ordered to stay home amid COVID-19 pandemic

From the first Nintendo Switch trailer | Photo credit: Nintendo / YouTube screenshot

The month of March marked the rise of COVID-19 cases for most countries, thus, leading to stringent stay-at-home policies. The situation, albeit unfortunate, drove up the sales of Nintendo Switch consoles with most people left with nothing much to do while being stuck in their homes for weeks or even months.

Nintendo Switch: 4.2 million units sold in a month

It is worth noting that the profitability of Nintendo Switch is no longer a surprise. Since the hybrid portable and home console launched in March 2017, Nintendo faced several waves of supply shortages around the world. The gaming system just went sold out in several seasons over its three-year existence.

Nintendo saw a steady increase in sales, especially since the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite in September 2019. This trend has reportedly continued, especially last March when 4.2 million Nintendo Switch units were sold, per Golden Casino News.

In a financial report, the company confirmed that 21.03 million Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite were sold within the fiscal year 2020, which ended in March. While there was a 12.5% decline in the Switch sales, having the Lite version in the market allowed the total hardware sales figures to go up by 24%.

A chart from the same document also showed the majority of the Nintendo Switch consoles sold in the first quarter of 2020 went to North America gamers while following not so far behind is Japan. In Japan and the United States, many businesses and companies decided to have their employees work from home around and schools on all levels were closed this period while stay-at-home guidelines were not enforced until April.

Nintendo Switch deals: ‘Resident Evil’ franchise now up for more than 50% discount

With millions of new Nintendo Switch owners, Capcom found the right time to launch a massive sale on its popular franchise “Resident Evil.” From the beginning of the month through June 16, gaming fans can avail of up to 57% discount on all five titles available in the portable console.

“Resident Evil 0” and “Resident Evil” are now available for $12.89, instead of $29.99. Meanwhile, from $29.99, newer titles “Resident Evil” 4 to 6 can be purchased for half the price.

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