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NFL rumors: Jarvis Landry allegedly wants out of Cleveland after insisting Odell Beckham wants to be with the Browns

From the official trailer of 2019 Building the Browns | Photo credit: Cleveland Browns/YouTube screenshot

The Cleveland Browns have been making headlines in the NFL rumor mill over the past few weeks with claims that some of its star players are wanting to part ways with the franchise. Another report came out Monday alleged Jarvis Landry as one of the football players looking to wear a new jersey in 2020.

NFL rumors: Jarvis Landry shouts at Cardinals to ‘get’ him from Browns, report claims

Football fans, whether supporters of the Browns or not, have strong opinions on the changes they want to see in the franchise. These comments have been accompanied by a slew of rumors that Odell Beckham Jr. could ask for a trade after the 2019 season.

Now, another rumor suggests that Landry is joining the list of Browns players who purportedly wants out of Cleveland. This report is particularly interesting because of the claims that Landry’s intention was supposedly voiced out in public.

NFL Network’s Mike Silver reported Landry was among “multiple” Browns players who shouted toward the Cardinals bench to “come get me,” suggesting they would rather play for the Arizona team than their current franchise. Many Browns fans replying to Silver’s report on Twitter are skeptical that Landry would want to leave Cleveland and that he made it known in such manner. Landry's team picked up their eighth loss after facing the Cardinals last Sunday, 24-38.

The Cleveland NFL franchise named Landry as its Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee. “While we greatly respect all of our players’ work in the community, Jarvis is truly deserving of this award as he has been a strong leader both on and off the field since coming to Cleveland,” Browns owners, Dee and Jimmy Haslam, said in a statement.

NFL news: Does Odell Beckham want a trade?

The rumor involving Landry follows a recurring report that Beckham has been telling people that he does not want to be in Cleveland anymore. It has led to further claims that OBJ might ask for a trade after the 2019 season. Note, though, that Beckham already addressed said rumors maintaining that he never said he is not happy to be in Cleveland.

The statement was echoed by Landry last week. When asked about the rumors on Beckham wanting a trade, Landry told ESPN’s Jake Trotter that he “knows” his good friend wants to be with their current team. “He doesn’t want to leave and he’s not trying to leave,” Landry added.

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