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Ministop joins French fry war in Japan with larger Bucket Potato as McDonald's reel from potato shortage

Ministop's Bucket |Potato

Ministop has joined the French fries war in Japan by offering its Bucket Potato, which has three times the amount of their X Fried Potatoes for 641 yen.

A regular-sized order of Ministop’s X Fried Potatoes costs 213 yen, so selling Bucket Potato for 641 yen is the same price before taxes as buying three orders of X Fried Potatoes.

Thus, the promo is seen as a mere boast that Ministop has a lot of French fries at its disposal.

The X Fried Potatoes have a lengthwise ridge on each side that gives them an X-shape on the tips.

The global supply crisis and other factors have taken a huge toll on potato supply meant for thousands of McDonald’s locations in Japan.

What started as McDonald’s week-or-two limitation on selling french fries size to small orders has entended into a month and recently included hash browns.

Rival chain Freshness Burger capitalized on McDonald’s moment of weakness by launching a campaign, which increased their regular and large orders of fries by 25 percent without additional charges.

Ministop’s Agria potatoes arrive through a completely different trade route from McDonald’s and are sourced from Europe, mainly Germany.

The convenience store provides a good refuge for those affected by McDonald’s fry shortage.

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