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Michael Schumacher health: Is Schumi recovering well? Daniel Ricciardo refuses to say that the F1 legend is the fastest driver in Formula One

Photo by: Mark McArdle/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Michael Schumacher is one of the more recognizable names in the field of Formula One racing. His name always surfaces when people are talking about the greatest drivers in the world, but it seems that Daniel Ricciardo doesn’t think the same.

Not the fastest driver in F1

The 30-year-old Australian racing driver made headlines today after saying that “there is no such thing as the perfect driver,” and he does not think that Michael Schumacher was the fastest driver ever. Rather, he mentioned three drivers when Formula One was brought up in the discussion.

He said that he would pick Michael Schumacher for his tenacity and persistence, but for him, he is not the fastest. He explained that this is because of his belief that no perfect driver exists.

“I don’t think he was the fastest driver ever, but his determination really made the difference,” he told Formula One News. “Next on my list is Alain Prost’s intelligence, combined with his pure speed and then Senna’s will to win every race at all costs.”

Schumacher’s recovery and health condition

Michael Schumacher suffered severely after his accident in 2013. He was comatose for months, and it is believed that he is still bedridden up to now.

His family doesn’t speak about his condition because they want to Schumi’s health to be a secret. However, details of how he is doing these days are being revealed by his close friends, and it is clear that Michael Schumacher is far from full recovery.

Michael Schumacher is being cared for in his home in Switzerland, and despite trying even the most advanced treatments, the former racing champ is still unable to recover. He previously underwent stem cell therapy, and this was performed in France.

It was reported that the doctor who attended to him stated that he could not perform a miracle, which seems to suggest that the procedure did not work on Schumi. Still, his family and friends are not giving up hope that he will one day get up again and be able to be on the racing tracks as a viewer or mentor to his son Mick Schumacher who is also making his mark in the F1 world.

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