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Melania Trump’s supporters face backlash for defending Donald’s wife against Chrissy Teigen, #RespectTheFirstLady backfires, reignites FLOTUS’ nude photos

Regine MahauxWeaver, Hilary/Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump was recently criticized by Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. The supermodel accused the FLOTUS of not doing anything other than posting tweets amid the coronavirus outbreak.

John Legend’s wife evidently did not mince her words. And some of the first lady’s supporters called her rude and accused her of having a foul mouth. The conservatives also made the hashtag #RespectTheFirstLady trending but it immediately backfired.

Twitter user @smokestacklite used the hashtag online but instead of using it to show her respect for Melania, she decided to criticize her further by uploading one of her nude photos.

“Yeah… this picture speaks for itself. #RespectTheFirstLady thanks @chrissyteigen for reminding us that class no longer lives in the People’s House,” she wrote.

“I’m to risk a high-pitched lecture from a nobody: @MelaniaTrump is a porn star, do-nothing squatter in the US @WhiteHouse. While we should all #RespectTheFirstLady, she makes it very difficult,” Twitter user @sjferg1252 said.

“Classy? She lied about a college degree. She is a nude model who did soft porn then lied to get a visa, married a rich old man then had an anchor baby then used chain migration to get her parents here… She’s the opposite of everything we have ever taught our daughters to be…” Twitter user @kiki_kaff said.

Meanwhile, the FLOTUS’s supporters couldn’t help but still feel enraged after their hashtag backfired. They defended the first lady while attacking Teigen.

“Chrissy is just worried because she knows she is about to be arrested! She is a nasty woman!” Twitter user @godisgood1961 said.

Twitter user @AmyStan76665994 uploaded a photo of Teigen and Legend with the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein and said that this is what the couple wants to do.

“Beautiful Liar. But overall she looks quite trashy and classless,” Twitter user @Ayf39765065 said.

Twitter user @njbaker1 fired back at Melania’s fan by uploading a photo of the first lady and her husband with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“Dear Lord, you people are raging hypocrites! Who do you see in this picture?” she wrote.

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