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Melania Trump: What Donald Trump’s wife was like before meeting her future husband

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As the wife of President Donald Trump, Melania Trump is one of the most influential women today. But surprisingly, little is known about the FLOTUS before she came to America and eventually met her future husband.

These days, Melania Trump is known internationally for impeccable fashion style and her philanthropic work. But her childhood friends and former playmates back in her hometown in Slovenia remember her as a humble young girl who was very clear on what she wanted with her life.

Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto but grew up in Sevnica, Slovenia, according to Express. To know what she was like while growing up, BBC News interviewed a few people who knew her well back in her hometown.

One of the FLOTUS’ old friends, an artist named Jerca Sanjer, remembers the young Melania as someone who knew what she wanted to do with her life. “She was around 16, when she started thinking (about) what she she will do when she grows up,” the artist recalled.

What amazed Sanjer was that Melania already knew what she wanted despite her very young age. “She had a straight idea what she would be, and that's unbelievable for such a young girl, so I knew that she would make something special,” Sanjer added.

The FLOTUS’ former teacher, Nena Bedek, said that Melania Trump was a very humble student. But she also believed back then that her student is going to make an impact in a much larger arena. “I always knew our town was too small for her,” Bedek said.

At that time, Melania Trump did not specifically say that she wanted to be a model. However, it was evident that she wanted to work in the fashion industry. The First Lady’s mother was also supportive of her fashion as she would bring fashion magazines back home.

“Melania would look forward to seeing the fashion magazines her mother would bring home, and I knew she wanted to see the world,” the teacher said.

Former Miss Slovenia Natasha Pinza remembers the kind gesture Melania Trump showed to her. In July 2006, Pinza met Mrs. Trump and was surprised when she spoke to her in native Slovenian.

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