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Marvel, Christian Louboutin Collaborate for New Fashion Collection and NFTs

Marvel and Christian Louboutin create shoes and accessories fit for superheroes.

Marvel and Christian Louboutin have come together to launch a new fashion collection that comes with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The two create limited-edition shoes and accessories for men, women, and even kids.

Marvel and Christian Louboutin’s collaborative fashion items are also part of the Disney100 celebration collection. Moreover, this new capsule collection of the superhero comic book publisher and the French luxury brand will include free NFTs for buyers. The digital tokens are set to be distributed through the VeVe marketplace for licensed digital collectibles.

Exclusive Physical Capsule Collection and Digital Collectibles

As per Decrypt, through the partnership, Marvel is turning Christian Louboutin’s luxury shoes into Superhero types of footwear, which can be converted into NFTs. The companies unveiled their collaborative limited-edition digital collectibles on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

One of the distinctive features of the footwear and accessories is the inclusion of Marvel’s Infinity Stones, which are Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, and Soul Stone. In the Marvel universe, each of these stones has great power over specific facets of reality.

The other Marvel entities that Louboutin’s designs were based on are the Namor comic character and Moon Knight’s black and silver suit. These were incorporated into Louboutin’s bold styles within the collection.

NFT Giveaways for Customers

These exclusive physical capsule collections are debuting alongside the NFTs. And while everyone already knows that Louboutin shoes are really expensive, the digital tokens that come with the tangible fashion items are totally free.

These will be given as perks for buyers who will avail of the physical shoes and accessories. Likewise, as a gift for buying items from Louboutin’s “Marvel Collection” capsule, customers will instantly get the “Sea Warrior Special Edition” NFT collectible. It was mentioned that guests who are attending Marvel’s and Louboutin’s launch events can also get these “digital tokens of appreciation.”

“Who never dreamed of becoming a superhero, really? And I’m lucky enough to be turning into one with none other than Marvel! I really like the fact that they didn’t try to picture me as a strong and muscular character, but went deeper in the understanding of my universe,” Louboutin said in a news release. “They went into the power of creativity and imagination: Someone who makes individuals dream and empowers them. When one manages to make people dream and inspire passion in them, it’s as much a superpower as it is an honor.”

Photo by: Marvel Press Release

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