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Making Big Goals Happen with Nine University’s KT V.I.P.

Behind every Amazon FBA seller is a driving motivator – the thing that keeps us going late at night when we’re optimizing, tweaking and perfecting. For me, that motivator is family. Providing a better life for my wife and 3 ½ year old twin girls (yes – they’re a handful), is what inspired me to start my Amazon FBA business back in September 2018.

By November, I had sold my first unit. However, I had BIG goals in mind (more on that later) and knew that to make them happen I would have to learn more about Amazon and how to work the system. By February 2019, I began looking into different courses and finally came across Kale and Taylor of Nine University. I started digging into their new KT V.I.P. program and after review of all the testimonials, I decided to go for it. When so many people seem so genuinely eager and excited about something, you sometimes just gotta listen.

Once I got set up, my first impression was that I had somehow landed on a goldmine. That’s what Nine University’s KT V.I.P. program video portal feels like. It’s overwhelming in a good way.

Imagine hundreds of videos covering every Amazon subject you can think, organized in order and by category. From setting up your Seller Central account to dominating PPC. There’s also a whole OTHER set of videos dedicated just to Facebook Ads (just took a look… 199 to be exact!)

One of the cool things I noticed about KT V.I.P. almost immediately is how the videos are shot. They feel very personalized with Kale and Taylor literally talking to the camera while showing you step by step screen shares of what to do. It feels easy, yet extremely informative.

When I signed up for KT V.I.P., I was struggling because I had already bought 5 different products for Amazon FBA that weren’t working out. I did have one that had some initial luck and was selling about 7 a day. After diving into KT V.I.P., I first started implementing changes based on their listing optimization and PPC strategies. Then the sales started coming in. KT V.I.P. was working.

The 7-a-day product is now selling 14+ a day and the best part is that I am not running ads anymore. I’m on the first page of my keyword and have the Amazon’s Choice badge. I hit my highest sells at $374 in one day. One thing that also really helped was learning how to get reviews. That section of the program alone is worth the money that I invested.

Another KT V.I.P. perk I’m looking forward to using soon is their photography listing optimization. As a KT V.I.P. member, I’ll get to send in one of my products to Nine University’s Honey Badger Boost Photography service. They’ll send me back high-quality images, even using models if need be. There’s a whole section in the program that really breaks down the importance of photography so it’s great I now have the option to leave that part in the hands of experts.

To be honest, there are so many more perks included that I didn’t even fully realize when I first signed up. Again, overwhelming but in a good way. For example, there is access to an active private student Facebook group where you can get tips from other sellers. There’s also the Boost Nine product research software, a product pick list (to jumpstart your product research), 6 weekly live Q&A calls and even bi-weekly coaching sessions from a 6-figure seller.

As for those big goals I mentioned, I will continue to dive deep into KT V.I.P. with the ultimate goal of building a business I can pass down to my girls. For now, I’m looking to have 7 to 10 products selling on Amazon in the next 2 years and hitting $500,000 in the next 3 to 5 years.

If you’ve also got some big goals, head over to to see for yourself. What do you have to lose?

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