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Lindl announces an extra $200 pay and perks to encourage employees to get COVID-19 vaccine

Photo by: Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Lindl made it clear that it wants its staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, so it devised a plan to encourage them to get it. The company announced it will be paying $200 along with some perks to all the workers who will be vaccinated.

Lindl‘s objective for the extra pay and perks

With the offer, Lindl launched a survey and found that 80% of its workforce are willing to be immunized, and they will get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available in their area. The company is encouraging its employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine because as a discount grocery that people often visit, everyone working there is a frontline worker too.

They meet people every day in the store, so there’s a higher possibility of being infected. This is why Lindl has stepped up to protect everyone and make their stores safe for shoppers as well. This is a big help to the community, too, as the company is doing its part to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

"We are proud to provide our employees the resources they need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine free of any obstacles," Johannes Fieber, CEO of Lidl US, said via press release. "From the outset of the pandemic, we have worked hard to put the health and safety of our employees first.”

Fieber added that they have also offered free COVID-19 healthcare to all of their employees in the U.S. He mentioned that as part of the healthcare, the company installed hospital-grade air filtration in their stores and warehouses and adapted policies for the staff’s welfare in this time of the pandemic.

In any case, Lidl stated that the $200 payment to workers who will avail of the vaccine is also given to help cover the costs when getting the injection like travel expenses and child care. The grocer will also adjust its employees’ work schedules to accommodate appointments for the vaccine.

About Lindl discount store

Lindl is originally from Germany that extended its business to other countries. In the U.S., a total of 125 stores are already in operation since it entered the American market in 2019. The company made this possible by converting the Best Market stores in New York and New Jersey into Lindl. The company is aiming to turn all the remaining Best Market outlets to Lindl by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, Lidl joins the other grocer Dollar General and Aldi, in its move to pay workers to get vaccinated. The former was the first one to announce that it will give its employees a one-time extra payment that is equivalent to four hours of their regular pay if they will receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Trader Joe’s was also added to the list of companies that will pay its workers to get the vaccine.

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