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Ivanka Trump mocked: First daughter’s new hairstyle criticized; Netizens calls POTUS’ daughter’s highlights ‘cheap-looking’

Rubensteinderivative work: Tabercil (talk)/Wikimedia Commons

Ivanka Trump just got a new hairstyle. A recent photo of the first daughter shows off her bold highlights. Donald Trump’s daughter also had her hair trimmed.

But even though Ivanka’s hairstyle actually suited here, her critics took it as an opportunity to lambast her on social media. Some of them claimed that the color of her highlights doesn’t fit her.

“Hey, girl… Chunky color has really never been your best look,” Twitter user @TrydaTwinMom said.

“The 1980s called. They want their cheap-looking highlights back,” Twitter user @wakyak said.

“Girl, you have so many nepotism dollars and still can’t get a colorist to give you natural-looking highlights? C’mon, the 90s called,” Twitter user @_dianajin said.

“Hair looks a bit like a circus tent,” Twitter user @TheLoris2 said.

“Since you posted this, I have been trying very, very hard to think of something positive to say to you. So as not to spoil your celebration. The best I can come up with is; you are not a natural blonde. Every other thought would have spoiled your day,” Twitter user @in2theShadow said.

“You’ve spent more time on your hair than ‘economically empowering’ any woman,” Twitter user @BostonBedelia said.

Meanwhile, Ivanka also made headlines recently after she was photographed at Trump’s impeachment acquittal ceremony at the White House. A video shows the POTUS hugging Ivanka first before he hugged his wife, Melania Trump, to thank them for all of their support.

Critics were not impressed with Trump and Ivanka’s relationship and how the president seemingly made it clear that his wife comes second to his favorite daughter.

“He does love his daughter more,” one person wrote.

“Trump loves kissing his daughter more than he does his wife. What does that say about him? What’s wrong with kissing one’s spouse?” Twitter user @CindyDytle said.

“That was the diplomat hug of mutual enemies,” another person commented.

“Wow, the face he made when he hugged her too. Wow,” one commenter said.

“Melania still with the arms not in the jacket. So weird,” another person said.

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