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How to buy TOP-quality auto parts - choosing a fog lamp

Of course, maneuvers in adverse weather condition require excellent driving skills. Nevertheless, speed of reaction and defensive driving are not enough to ensure absolute safety. It is also quite important to be certain of a car. Special attention is paid to optical components designed to light the way and define the dimensions of a vehicle. This may explain an insatiable interest to a fog lamp. A high-quality kit will serve for many years and will help prevent dangerous situations on the road. Let us find out where to buy such components.

Wide selection and comfortable search

These are two basic requirements motorists apply to online-platforms that sell spare parts. But, upon closer acquaintance with many of them, some doubts arise. For instance, some stores offer expensive branded kits, while other shops “undercut” prices to such a degree that many customers start thinking that they sell fake goods.

To avoid such a risk, it is worth paying attention to large Internet-markets that introduce a huge range of spare parts. Let us evaluate their advantages using rubrics from as an example. This section of one of the biggest shops is entirely devoted to anti-for headlights.

The section contains more than 13 000 components for various vehicles. The search of the required spare part will not take more than a couple of minutes – just select a make and a model of your car in the filter and you will see the result. The employees of Boodmo know that the selection of spare parts is often associated with a number of questions. Trying to facilitate the matching process, they indicate in the description of each component not only its characteristics and reference number, but also its specifications, containing particular model lines for which certain parts were manufactured.

Apart from ready-assembled light kits, Boodmo offers separate components:

  1. Lamps;
  2. Deflectors;
  3. Lenses;
  4. Switches;
  5. Cases;
  6. Protection pads.

One of the key advantages of buying in a big store is a choice between genuine spare parts and their budget analogs. Large companies always provide this option.

Among main benefits of cooperation with such a platform, there is a product quality control: highly appreciating their reputation, strong companies carry out presale tests and sent auto parts to warehouses only if tests have been successfully passed.

As a rule, websites that have giant catalogues, attach great importance to the customer satisfaction. 24/7 support chat, short time of delivery around India and a possibility of reclaim ─ here are main markers that show the way sellers behave toward their clients’ demands. Speaking about the aforementioned web page of Boodmo Company, the feedback works properly: chat operators stay online on a 24/7 basis, and if a spare part does not fit your car, it will be replaced with another one (or you can get your money back within 10 days.

Sometimes, the investigation of its special aspect precedes the purchase of an anti-fog lamp. Let us briefly detail describe these nuances.

What is the difference between anti-fog lights and standard lights?

It is no secret that regular headlights are practically useless in a heavy fog. Why is it so? Let us remember some physics lessons. A fog is nothing more than a congestion of very small water droplets in the air. Each of them reflects incident rays. As a result, regular automotive lights create virtually steady white wall and it becomes dangerous to drive any further.

Everyone knows that anti-fog lamps are located far below main headlights. It is there for a reason ─ “hanging” in the air, particulates overtop the road. Anti-fog lamps send the light directly to this gap. Therefore, it turns out that fog lamps light up the road but not the space in front of a car. This makes it easier for a driver to get its bearings while driving.

Besides fundamental distinctions from serial daylights, a “fog light” also stand out with the following features:

1. Maximum horizontal beam width at a relatively narrow vertical width.

2. Lens and deflector of a special form. They are designed so the reflected light fluxes and a beam do not cross the upper horizontal board.

3. Yellow and white ray filters (tail lights are equipped with red filters).

4. Strong casing. Such automobile kits are mounted as low as possible, which forces manufacturers to use durable materials that are not afraid of small road stones. Protection pads are manufactured for the same purpose.

Producers put very tough requirements to anti-fog modules. For example, to the measure of the beam angle (5 degrees in a vertical plane and not more than 60 degrees in a horizontal plane). However, these and some other criteria are interesting to experts and technologists, while drivers usually care about what they should pay prior attention to when purchasing such auto parts.

Selection rules

When buying this element, it is desirable to remember about several important things, with which the choice of a certain pair is associated. These includes the following:

  1. Case sealing test. The case should be totally sealed (in order to exclude the pollution of internal elements);
  2. Disassembly option. This is mandatory. You must admit, this is ridiculous to throw away the entire block just because of one blown bulb. It is a lot easier to replace it by removing a lens;
  3. Easy-to-install option (the way lights “get” into a bumper and whether any additional incut is required);
  4. Quality of wiring and its layout. The wire lengths depend on a vehicle: some cars have only 30-40 centimeters of wires, while other automobile have up to 1.5 meters;
  5. Security of bundled mounting.

The mounting algorithm is interesting mostly for owners of old models of vehicles ─ they consider anti-fog lamps as an additional equipment. At the same time, many new models are equipped with them by default. It is true that bumpers of low-cost models often have plugs that hide the area for anti-fog lamps. This implies the possibility to install them with your own hands (there are definitely some cord grips under a bumper)


Concerning the marking of lamps, it should be mentioned that in most cases single-filament lamps with “H” (halogen) sign and digits like 1, 2, 3, 7 or 11 are used. Digits indicate the category of a lamp.

Understanding of such details will greatly facilitate the selection of the required spare parts. If you have any additional questions, the specialist of Internet-shops is always at your disposal – they are in possession of all the necessary information.

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