Digital Currency Revolution Series: Nasdaq Lists ‘DeFix For Crypto-Assets’

Nasdaq is listing a new index that is dedicated to blockchain projects in decentralized finance, featuring major cryptocurrencies such as Augur, Amoveo, Maker, and 0x.

As per a press release, the index was launched by the London-based brokerage ‘Exante’.

Exante, a European investment services firm that was founded in 2011 to offer global cross-dimensional asset financial services, collaborated with the renowned stock exchange operator ‘Nasdaq’ to offer the Decentralized Finance Index (DeFix). DeFix pioneers to reflect the real-time dynamics of six decentralized finance solutions, including Augur, Amoveo, Gnosis, Maker, Numerai, and 0x. 

The index lists crypto assets of projects like the one of Proof-of-Work blockchain Amoveo (VEO), decentralized exchange protocol 0x (ZRX), and prediction market Augur (REP), as well as other well-known projects like MakerDAO (MKR). It offers investors an opportunity to speculate in a collection of platforms that have the potential to disrupt the financial industry.

Zack Hess, Amoveo’s main developer said “I am glad to see increased awareness being brought to decentralized finance projects,” furthermore, he would like to provide everyone access to modern financial tools.

In the recent past, NASDAQ also announced it is adding fundamental crypto trading rating and price forecasting data to Quandl, a platform that offers financial, economic, and alternative datasets.

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