Digital Currency Revolution Series: Crypto-Avenue Eyes on Institutional Investment

On the back of these bullish price sentiments, the pioneer cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and its counterparts sensed eye-catchy market-capitalization growth in the recent past.

The institutional interests are mounting in bitcoin trading for 4th consecutive months. As per the reports of renowned cryptocurrency data outlet ‘Diar’, institutional Bitcoin trading volumes have moved into growth for the 4thconsecutive month. 

The current volume spikes more than 9 percent more compared to December 2018 (refer to above chart).

Of-late, the cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are branded as the trump card by many aspirants of the crypto-avenue who carry a great deal of optimism that exchange-traded funds likely to stimulate cryptocurrencies with more authenticity in retail and institutional investors’ perspectives while providing them with timely accessibility to those who already have a brokerage account.

Entire crypto-universe knows that the institutional participation this is expected to play a trump-card role for the industry despite the prolonged Bitcoin ETF decision from a regulatory standpoint. Amid the long wait, the leading institutions including Asset management, hedge funds companies seem to have been keen on crypto investments, the recent data appears to have been doubled.

Well, Crypto AUM (Asset Under Management) has surged from USD 5 bn to USD 14 billion over a year.

It is observed that there are currently more than 700 cryptocurrency/blockchain investment funds, as per the research report. Hedge funds or hybrid funds and venture capital firms are having lion’s share in this number. 

The current FinTech VC firms are on the expansionary mode of investments into blockchain start-ups and unveiling their funds. 

While Coda made an announcement about their new round of funding for O(1) Labs. Wherein, they raised $15M from an elite group of investors including Accomplice, Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm, and General Catalyst. These excellent funds, along with a few other high value-add institutional investors are joined by additional support from our amazing seed investors including MetaStable, PolyChain, Electric Capital, and others.

Overall, entire crypto-universe appears to be eyeing on how institutional approach impacts on the industry.

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly USD spot index was at 60 (bullish) and BTC is at 191 (highly bullish) while articulating at (11:31 GMT).

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