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‘Boruto’ episode 157 release date, spoilers: Kara’s official anime debut is finally happening; What to expect from the Kara Arc

From Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Set 5 promo trailer | Photo credit: vizmedia / YouTube screenshot

Fans who have known of Kara from the manga have been longing for the group to have its official anime debut. Needless to say, it took a long while, but the good news is it’s finally happening later this week in “Boruto” episode 157.

‘Boruto’ episode 157 spoilers: What to expect in the introduction of Kawaki and Kara

It has been confirmed that the anime adaptation of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation” is finally going back to using canon materials from the manga series. Starting in “Boruto” episode 157, the anime is famously expected to start the Kara Arc. But it should be noted that, in the manga, the introduction of Kara and Kawaki started in an earlier arc named after the character Ao.

Based on the available episode summaries starting in “Boruto” episode 157, the introduction of the Ao and Kara arc will not be exactly the same as it happened in the manga. This is not surprising since the anime series has been adapting manga events while also inserting some original elements, so manga readers should not miss the Kara Arc in the anime as well.

In a “Boruto” episode 157 synopsis translated by Organic Dinosaur, Sasuke and Sai will follow up on the intel they got from the Mujina Bandits leading them to Amegakure Village where Kara is believed to be hiding out. During their investigation, Sasuke and Sai encounter a tour guide named Garashi, who will claim to know the organization.

It should also be noted that “Boruto” episode 157 is titled “Traces of Kara,” which fits the narrative that Sasuke and Sai will be picking up crumbs of clues to know more about the group. The anime might offer some glimpses to the members of the organization, including its leader, but a more comprehensive introduction of Kara might not happen until after a few episodes.

‘Boruto’ episode 157 release date: Anime is back to canon materials along with some anime-original elements

With the anime diving into Ao and Kara Arcs from the manga, fans should expect to learn more about the mysterious mark that Momoshiki Otsutsuki left on Boruto. Of course, anyone who has been reading the manga knows so much more about it now. But anime viewers should keep an eye on new information, especially about scientific ninja tools, that will be revealed starting in “Boruto” episode 157 as the show builds up the new brand of threat to the entire shinobi world.

The series is now back to its regular broadcast schedule after getting temporarily postponed due to COVID-19. “Boruto” episode 157 is confirmed to air on Sunday, July 19.

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