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‘Bloodborne’ PC port is reportedly done, PS5 remaster and sequel are in the works

From a trailer of “Bloodborne” | Photo credit: PlayStation / YouTube screenshot

More known leakers are reporting that Bluepoint is working on several "Bloodborne" projects. A much-awaited sequel is said to be in the works, along with a PC port and a remaster for the original game.

New "Bloodborne" projects have been discussed in the rumor mill for a while now. Earlier this month, hopes for a new game from the franchise were revived when Colin Moriarty posted an interesting tweet saying that "Bluepoint is on a journey to Yharnam." Yharnam is the main setting of the original "Bloodborne" game.

It was not clear at the time if Moriarty was referring to a sequel or a remaster. But Moriarty later reported that the projects include a PS5 remaster and a “Bloodborne” sequel. Now, Xbox Era's Nick Baker said there are actually three projects in the pipeline, which includes a PC port.

Baker, also known as Shpeshal_Nick, corroborated Moriarty's tweet in the latest Xbox Era podcast. He also revealed that Bluepoint is already "done" with a PC port for the first "Bloodborne" game. A PS5 remaster of the same title is also purportedly in the works.

Fans that are more inclined in getting an all-new game should not worry. Baker also said that a "Bloodborne" sequel is underway.

Unfortunately, the leaks do not provide a time frame of when these projects will be released. But Baker noted that the PC port is "done." For some reason, though, neither Bluepoint nor Sony has made any indications of its imminent launch.

However, a moderator of the widely followed Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit said Baker showed them proof that these projects exist. Baker also reportedly showed information on why the "Bloodborne" PC is not released yet, suggesting that there may have been proof that its development has been finished.

Some fans were skeptical of Baker's report and believe the leaker is just piggybacking off of Moriarty's previous tweet. But the same subreddit moderator said the pieces of evidence from Baker were sent to them even before Moriarty's tweet earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the moderator said the "Bloodborne" PS5 remaster is about seven months into development at the time Baker sent them the leak's proof. The project is said to be "feature complete," suggesting it could be released in the near future as well.

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