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‘Black Clover’ chapter 260 release date, spoilers: Asta exchanged his arm for devil’s power; Dante finally defeated

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Fans are really looking forward to the next chapter as the story is getting more intense. With Yami and Asta fighting against Dante, one of the most powerful members of the Drak Triad, they want to know if this villain will finally be defeated.

Will Dante die for real in “Black Clover” chapter 260? The upcoming chapter will reveal the answer and if this is the case, he will be the very first Dark Triad to perish. Still, they need to take out Vanica and Zenon to totally annihilate the dark forces.

Chapter recap

Asta and Yami achieved good points when they face-off with Dante together. The former also unveiled many new abilities and his strength was boosted after he exchanged his arm for devil’s power.

Although he could lose his arm forever, it was a good decision since it was proven how powerful he has become with his devil’s prowess. In “Black Clover” chapter 259, everyone saw how Asta’s right arm transformed into a bulky black arm that wields his sword.

Asta attacked Dante and Yami was on the side to provide assistance when needed. Yami can see how strong Asta’s power and anti-magic has been boosted and he has no doubt they can win in this fight.

In the end, Asta’s anti-magic proved to be the key to Dante’s fall. Asta did something great but Yami was also there and exhausted all his abilities to bring their enemy down. Finally, Asta brought out his Demon Destroyer sword and pierced Dante’s body with it.

Spoilers - What will happen next

Now, “Black Clover” chapter 260 will reveal what really happened to Dante. His body may have been sliced but then, he could still heal and return with his magic just like he did when Yami blasted him in chapter 258.

It is predicted that Asta discovered new abilities and he will use this to improve himself more and fight with villains. “Black Clover” chapter 260 is also expected to show if Asta’s powerful hand will be permanent or not.

Release date

In any case, “Black Clover” chapter 260 will be available on Aug. 9, as per Manga Farm. As usual, the raw scans will be out earlier so it will be out around Aug. 7.

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