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Bitcoin Academy launches South Africa

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Sonya Kuhnel, founder of Bitcoin Payments and Bitcoin Events, has set up Africa's first Bitcoin Academy at the Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town, South Africa, as reported by Memeburn . The academy will primarily focus on providing training to financial institutions, corporates, developers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, schools, government and individuals on bitcoin and blockchain technology in the country.

"When I first started in the bitcoin space, I encountered significant resistance towards digital currencies from individuals and businesses in South Africa", said Kuhnel.

She added, "The level of understanding of bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, proved to be a real challenge and I realised I would have to first educate the marketplace before there would be any significant uptake of the digital currency and the cutting-edge technology behind it."

Kuhnel said that many institutions have already expressed interest in the courses offered.

"We are offering basic, intermediary and advanced training in bitcoin and the blockchain, and some of the top financial institutions in South Africa have already expressed interest in our courses", she said.

The academy currently offers the following courses:

  • Bitcoin 101 Course: It covers the basics of Bitcoin, pricing & volatility, bitcoin mining etc. 

  • Blockchain 101 Course: It covers the basics of blockchain, including payment processing, transactions and security. 

  • Blockchain-based application course: This course is for developers who want to build blockchain-based applications. 

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