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Bitcoin Nanopayments Company SatoshiPay Announces Results Of Initial Product Launch

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SatoshiPay, a bitcoin payments company headquartered in London, has announced the interim results of its product launch.

SatoshiPay’s payment technology allows transacting amounts as small as €0.01 or less — which the company refers to as “nanopayments” — by leveraging blockchain technology. It helps publishers to generate new revenue streams by allowing them to monetize content they previously would be unable to.

The company started the development of the “nanopayment” product in April, 2015 and announced the release of the first version of its product in February this year, which seamlessly integrates with WordPress, the popular publishing software which is installed on 26% of all websites on the internet.

“We were eager to release the first version of our product as fast as possible and the engagement from publishers and users has been tremendous”, said SatoshiPay co-founder & CEO, Meinhard Benn.

Within 2 months, the company’s platform facilitated over 1,607 sales, catalogued over 6,687 items for sale, adopted by over 120 publishers and generated over 7,964 unique user wallets.

“We are very early on in the development of our product, but we’ve had an impressive reaction to the product without any advertising or marketing. We have proven that nanopayments can create monetisation opportunities, where they didn’t exist before” continued Benn.

The company further said that one of the early adopters of its product is Master Investor Ltd, the company behind the hugely successful “Master Investor” magazine. Utilizing it on just one web page, Master Investor has seen strong results.

“We are big believers in nanopayments as a means to monetise content that we traditionally haven’t been able to monetise, we are very impressed with the interim results and are eager to expand the trial”, said Swen Lorenz, CEO of Master Investor.

SatoshiPay intends to release future updates to its WordPress product along with expanding its product line to meet the growing demand for nanopayments across digital products that run on the web and mobile.

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