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5 Offshore Careers That Might Be Perfect For You

Finding the perfect job is no easy task. Still, those that have the best shot of doing so share the fact that they have an open mind. One area that you might want to explore when looking for work is jobs that are based offshore. Not only do they provide some sense of adventure, but they often garner excellent wages and favorable work schedules according to a offshore attorney. We detail five of the most popular offshore careers in the sections below.


While the vast majority of construction jobs take place on land, many structures need to be built on the water too. The most common of them are oil rigs, but there are a variety of projects that offshore construction professionals work on. As you might imagine, building in the water takes much more specialization and has a higher degree of difficulty. The result of this fact is that you’ll likely collect a higher wage for your work. Oil rigs and other marine structures tend to make a significant amount of money, and you’ll be first in line to get a slice of that pie.


Perhaps the most famous offshore job is that of a fisherman. Of course, working in the commercial space is not as relaxing as taking a boat out on a lake. Instead, you’ll have to expend a significant amount of energy locating fish, catching them, and maintaining the vessel. Still, this job pays well, and many workers enjoy the physicality and practicality of providing food for people back on land. As far as education, you do not need any formal training for many jobs, but a technical degree will certainly help. Additionally, you are required to take classes for the most intensive commercial fishing jobs.

Commercial Diver

Almost every business that works on the water needs commercial divers. The reason is that they continually have tasks to complete that require extended submersion in the water. Rather than hire a full-time diver, they often contract these jobs out to professionals in the diving space. Some of the most common tasks they carry out are repairing structures, taking pictures of marine life, setting up explosives, building structures, and various experiments. As you might imagine, not many people have these types of skills, so those that work in this offshore profession are often in high demand.


The largest offshore profession is drilling. The way it works is that an oil company will find a large reserve somewhere underwater. Rather than let it stay there untouched, they build a rig around it to extract the oil and sell it back on land. Doing so is not an automated process, though. Instead, they must hire a large crew to keep the drills going and give them a good return on their investment. What you might find is that you enjoy being on that crew. The two most common positions within this profession are the drilling crew and maintenance staff. In the former, you’ll work hands-on with the drilling equipment. In the latter, you’ll carry out tasks like equipment repair, installations, and electrical monitoring.

Rig Management

Much like any other job, rigs have a variety of positions that aren’t directly related to drilling. What these people do is manage transportation to and from the facility, do emergency preparation, treat people with health issues, play a human resources role, and much more. While workers in these positions will spend less time on the water, they will be out there enough to call themselves an offshore worker.

We hope that looking into the jobs on this list yields you a position that you can be proud of. Luckily, there are many excellent jobs in the offshore space, as long as you’re willing to live a slightly unconventional lifestyle. One more thing to note is that the legality of issues like work injuries can be different for these types of professions. For this reason, you should have an offshore legal expert ready to defend if needed. That being said, you’ll probably never need to utilize that service. Instead, you can simply enjoy your new job out on the water.

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