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iOS 14 release date: When to expect its announcement and full launch

From the official iOS 13 trailer | Photo credit: Apple/YouTube screenshot

The launch of iOS 13 has been an underwhelming experience even to avid fans of Apple products. It is then not surprising if many iPhone and iPad users are now looking forward to having iOS 14.

iOS 13 was just fully released for about three months. To realize how much buggy this software update has been, note that in that amount of time, the latest release is now at version 13.2.3 while 13.3 is in its third beta build.

iOS 14 announcement happening mid-year is still very

On the bright side, it would not take much effort to determine when iOS 14 will be unveiled. Apple is known for keeping a consistent annual calendar of events when it comes to announcing and releasing new products.

Fans can bet on the iOS 14 being announced for the first time within the first week of June 2020. It should be the period when Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) would take place. As the event’s name suggests, the annual gathering has been Apple’s designated time to announce the new features on its software updates. Aside from iOS 14, the next versions of the macOS, tvOS, and watchOS are likely getting previewed at the WWDC 2020 as well.

It has also been Apple’s tradition to start the closed beta tests – restricted to developers – for upcoming software updates after the first day of WWDC. Public beta usually begins a few months later once iOS 14 gets to a more stable build.

iOS 14 release date: Apple expected to maintain the usual schedule of launch

Similar to the announcement schedule, Apple is also highly anticipated to keep the usual time of release for iOS 14 next year. That should be sometime in September 2020 when the new lineup of iPhone arrives in stores.

Aside from becoming the company’s tradition, keeping it that way is also strategic. It allows Apple to launch new devices with the latest software updates right off the box.

However, in the case of iOS 14, it appears that the more important event is the WWDC. This is the time when Apple announces new features and performance improvements. The following months leading up to the September release would merely revolve around the development of the OS update until it reaches a state where it is good for public use.

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