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Why Is It Important to Make Realistic New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's resolutions have the bad reputation of being good ideas on paper, which nonetheless are almost impossible to implement. According to the statistics cited in the Journal of Clinical Psychology at the University of Scranton, 45% of people in the United States usually make New Year's resolutions but only 8% manage to make them come true.

Our intentions are always “good”, but the method of bringing the resolutions into effect traditionally falters earlier or later. The reason is simple: things often does not work in the way we imagine them to. And while we are eager to start from scratch reality has its own rules and according to them we always start with a story and experiences that have marked us so far.

However, that does not mean that it is impossible to go ahead and achieve changes that really last with the beginning of a new year. The key is the way one perceives and implements those goals. And nobody wants to fail when reaching to the heights set – unless we talk about somebody who can afford losing faith in themselves and not caring about the future.

Approach planning in a different way!

According to American psychologists, the most common new year’s resolutions or goals are:

  • Be healthier: lose weight, eat healthy food and/or exercise
  • Change job
  • Change career or study something new
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Take more vacation or leisure time

Many of these resolutions really are drastic lifestyle changes that take time, flexibility and dedication to achieve them. That is exactly why it is better not to call them resolutions.

What is really important before planning is to evaluate whether the goals proposed are realistic.

If your list of resolutions this year looks a lot like last year’s, you have to evaluate what you really can change before rushing headlong after those goals.

1. Do one thing at a time

Set small goals that will lead you to the final goal. It's more manageable than trying to make many big changes at the same time. If you, for example, want to play no deposit slots win real money online and visit a physical casino, you should approach those tasks one after another.

2. Examine your values

By relying on personal values, you will be able to have a solid purpose behind the goal.

3. Trips are inevitable

Even when goals and values ​​are well aligned, you will not always manage to fulfill all that you have set out to. It's not a disaster or a reason to give up, it's just part of the process. Find out more here about how experienced gamblers balance their mistakes and positive achievements.

4.  Give yourself time

Being patient is essential to your success either with real money wins or in your mundane life. Since the goals you are setting are long-term changes, you have to have enough time to implement them and master each one until they become habits.

Really, whatever the resolution, the crucial thing is to have real expectations and expected results will not be long in coming. There is no hurry; 2017 is not a deadline, but rather a start date.

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