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Which are the best application monitoring tools?

If you run a business that is app-based or simply want to build your own app, you need to know that the app will run properly. However, you might never know whether your app works properly if you do not perform any real-time monitoring. If you have a background in IT, you should give app monitoring a try. The following are some of the best application monitoring tools:


This is a SaaS-based performance-monitoring tool for modern infrastructure. If you want to use a great tool, consider LogicMonitor because it is among the best. Since it offers a wide array of features, many professionals use it. The tool gives a total stack monitoring app performance.

Another great thing about it is that it gives you a chance to receive text and email alerts, giving you the chance to know everything that happens with your app. Moreover, the tool offers unlimited access to users, free updates, and unlimited data collection.


This application-monitoring tool is unique because it performs application and database server monitoring. The best thing about this tool is that it offers secure access to all appropriate data, allowing you to know what happens to it and why. Because it works like other app monitoring tools, Stackify offers real-time alerts and notifications, allowing you to know the status of your app quickly.


DataDog is able to meet the needs of development teams that would like to test an application under real-world stresses. It offers good and clear display as well as a search feature that allows people to find information in the DataDog heap collection. It gives you a chance to overlay dissimilar data to find the connections that are not very apparent.

Moreover, DataDog provides email notifications that make it easier to know the status of your application in real-time.


New Relic is a great app monitoring software because it offers a deep analysis of an app stack. It also provides real-time status checking of an application’s availability while giving real-time notifications and email alerts. Moreover, this app monitoring software has an API for making custom apps that you can use to develop routine analysis of performance data.

New Relic is scalable and versatile, making it one of the most capable software for discerning IT professionals.

Site 24X7

This software helps you to monitor and check your site’s uptime, performance, and hybrid configurations all day and night. Although nobody can guarantee 100 percent website uptime, you can use this software to ensure that your site is running effectively. Concerning web traffic monitoring, this tool comes in handy.


Using this software, you can monitor anything from cloud-based apps, servers, websites, and services. ScoutApp also supports plug-in scripting that is custom thus helping you to overlay different kinds of metrics. This tool also comes in handy during bottleneck troubleshooting, performance charting, and load balancing servers.

ManageEngine OpManager

Many IT professionals believe in this tool because it solves their network problems. However, its monitoring ability is not just used for networking; you can also use it for application monitoring. You can count on this software to check the status of your server, app, and database in real-time. Moreover, it can solve any network issues that you might have.


This software is effective for alerting you whenever your app crushes by gathering the necessary data and sending it to your email. Although it is quite simple, this tool works in real-time and is quite effective. If you come across difficulties because your app has some bugs, you can use the search function to find the origin of the problem.

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