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When Should You Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

Nobody ever likes to think they’ll get into a car accident. But once they do, it becomes an emotionally draining and stressful situation for them. It is even worse if they’ve incurred physical injuries as a result of the accident.

Most people rely on insurance companies to pay for a substantial portion of their medical bills and auto repair expenses. However, you cannot always trust insurance companies to provide you with the amount of accident coverage that you so rightfully deserve. Even if you have a high amount of coverage on your insurance policy, it doesn’t always mean that the insurer will provide maximum coverage after an accident.

What you need to remember is that insurance companies are businesses. They are looking for any way to save money, even if it means providing the minimum amount of compensation possible to the insured person. Since you’re likely not a legal expert in car accident claims, then you won’t know what your rights are in this situation if you handle it alone. You’ll just assume that you cannot receive any more compensation because your insurance company isn’t giving you more. But this is a false notion because you may be entitled to more compensation, based on the terms of your insurance policy and the conditions of the accident.

Accident victims tend to figure this out the hard way after waiting for their insurance company to pay them an adequate amount of compensation. When it turns out that they don’t receive the compensation they thought they would, it becomes a nightmare for them to pay for the rest of these bills on their own. If you end up in a situation like this, contact a car accident lawyer immediately. Do not settle for an insufficient amount of compensation. Find out if you are entitled to more compensation by having a qualified attorney review your case.

Benefits of a Car Accident Lawyer

During your initial consultation with a car accident lawyer, you need to provide them with as many details about your car accident case as you can. Provide them with any existing medical reports, police reports, insurer statements, accident photos, etc. They will review all these documents and determine whether you have a case to file a legal claim in court. If the evidence shows that you are less liable in the accident than the other driver, then the lawyer will likely agree to represent you in the case.

There are several benefits for hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you. In most situations, a car accident lawyer will represent you for free and then just take a percentage of any money you’re awarded from a settlement or civil trial verdict. That way, you don’t have the burden of paying hundreds of dollars per hour for your lawyer’s time. This is time well spent too because they will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the most coverage possible from your insurance company.

An accident attorney will conduct their own investigation into the accident. This investigation will lead them to interview eyewitnesses and examine police reports closely so that everything about the accident is understood. Sometimes the lawyer will even contact accident experts who can recreate the scene of the accident for them and provide their professional opinion as to what happened.

Based on the results of their investigation, the attorney will contact the insurance company on your behalf and try to negotiate a settlement for more coverage. If the insurer doesn’t oblige, then the attorney will take the next step and pursue a civil action case against them. Most insurance companies are afraid to go to trial because they’ll end up paying a lot more money out if they lose. Once they know a lawyer is helping you out, your insurer will likely agree to a bigger settlement and avoid going to trial altogether.

Therefore, you can only benefit from contacting a car accident lawyer after you’ve been in an accident.

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