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What Online Ventures Pay out the Most?

In spite of what people say about the Internet, it’s one of the best platforms for making money. Simply look at Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Two of the world’s richest men didn’t become billionaires by doing things the traditional way.

Bezos owns Amazon, the largest online merchant. Bill Gates owns Microsoft, a dominant force in the software business. While not everyone who works online ends up being a billionaire, most people could make decent money working online. Below are low-capital ventures that can turn you into a millionaire.

Affiliate Marketing

A decent website, reliable Internet and good marketing skills are all you need to become a good affiliate marketer. The job of an affiliate marketer is to promote other companies’ products. You’re then paid commissions based on how many products you help sell.

Affiliate marketing is a huge business now that you can promote almost any business. Amazon offers one of the best programs for marketers. You simply create an affiliate account and choose products to sell. Because Amazon is hugely popular, Amazon affiliate sites are able to attract huge traffic they then turn into buyers.

Besides Amazon, there are lots of other online merchants with affiliate programs. Keep in mind you don’t have to sell products. You could also sell insurance policies online, software and apps. However, make sure you invest in learning how to navigate the murky waters of affiliate marketing.

Professional Gaming

So, you love playing video games? Monetize your skills by becoming a streamer, playing professionally or by teaching others how to play. Top flight streamers on Twitch earn up to $500,000 per month and have cult followings.

If you choose to become a professional player, keep in mind this is a very tough industry. You must commit all your efforts toward gaming. Again, be prepared for eventualities. Most eSports players remain at the peak for a few years only.

Fortunately, the video game industry is vast and creates lots of opportunities for everyone. Casino streaming, for example, never loses popularity. It comes with the risk of losing money but also includes games like poker which can be won through proper strategies and skills.

Setup an E-Commerce Business

Starting an online business is much cheaper than you’d expect. You could launch a professionally designed e-commerce store with less than $500. Depending on where you come from, you might even not require a license.

You also don’t have to sell expensive products. Imagine purchasing a T-Shirt printer and designing nice Tees for different market groups. The whole setup process could cost less than $2000. If properly managed, the business could then grow into a huge business within a few years.

Of course, running an online store is easier said than done. 90% of online stores fail anyway, so it’s how you manage your business that determines whether you succeed or not. Again, capital may become a hindrance to how successful your online business becomes.

Because the industry is crowded, many online merchants engage in perennial advertising wars. If you don't have thousands of dollars on advertising every year, you must become very creative in finding customers without spending a lot.

Think YouTube

These days, people are ditching cable TV for online networks in large numbers. One reason for this is that accessing the Internet has become cheap. More and more people also want to enjoy online content. That’s why you come in. Create good video content and sell it on YouTube.

In the past two years, YouTube has been particularly strict on who it allows to monetize videos. Beginners with small numbers of subscribers shouldn't expect to make money immediately. But stick around; continue providing great content and YouTube could become your full-time employer.

The best thing about YouTube is that it caters to everyone. There’s a 7-year-old who makes up to $10 million reviewing products on YouTube. Most Twitch streamers also have YouTube channels. Moms, dads, senior citizens, veterans and virtually everyone else can start a YouTube channel and make money off it.

Online Training

Ever since online businesses started paying more than traditional industries, millions of people became interested in making money online. The only problem is that most people barely knew anything about online money making.

If you’re skilled at anything that could help others succeed online, create an eBook or a video course and sell it online. Websites like Udemy, LinkedIn’s Lynda and Master Class are all designed for experts to help train others at what they’re good at.

You could specialize in anything, so don’t hold back believing nothing would want what you have to offer. People pay hundreds of dollars to listen to people playing the Piano over the Internet. Some want to learn how to develop apps. And if you’re good at it, you could charge lots of money for your skills.


Blogging is one of the oldest jobs online. It’s underrated nowadays that the average blogger earns $1000 or less per month. But look closely and you can spot hundreds of blogs that make hundreds of thousands in profits every month.

To be frank, blogging isn’t easy. While you could start a blog with zero dollars, it takes a lot of dedication and time to turn it into a profitable business. Most bloggers wait up to six months before they can see decent traffic on their blogs. After that, they have to work more months before they’re able to make meaningful money.

If you’re thinking of quitting your day job to become a blogger, think twice about it. Consider finding a stable source of income first. Also, invest in learning the ins and outs of blogging. You need good writing skills, SEO and marketing skills to succeed.

In Conclusion

There has never been a better time to start an online business. Nearly every business is online. Millions of people also visit the Internet on a daily basis for different reasons. Take your time. Find a market group and find a way to turn it into a business. YouTube vlogging, blogging, gaming and starting an affiliate business all require very little capital and could be profitable.

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