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Weight loss: How mindful eating can help without eliminating your fave food


Losing weight has never been easy, especially if it means depriving yourself of your favorite food.

There are a lot of diets around that promises to help you lose weight faster. However, some find it hard to stick to the program.

Especially when you are not so determined about losing weight, often, you revert back to your old diet.

Perhaps, also because eating is not just about satisfying your hunger. Eating is sometimes a way of coping with stress, comforting yourselves, or simply just to pass the time.

However, diet plays a big part in losing weight. According to health experts, no matter how much you exercise, if you do not complement it with a healthy diet, you may not lose weight.

But doing it the other way around, like working on your diet alone, or just making sure that you are eating a healthy diet, can help you lose weight even when you do not exercise much.

Vicky Hughes, a nutritionist at livLife, shared with the Daily Express a tip on how to successfully make your diet support you in your goal of losing weight, and that is by being mindful of what you eat.

Unlike the popular diets floating around, mindful eating will not let you make drastic cuts on food groups or stop you from eating your favorite food. You can still eat them but in moderation.

Mindful eating is being aware of the food and drinks that you take in into your body, observing how they make you feel, and noticing the signals that your body sends about how the food tastes, how it satisfies you, and how it makes you full. It is like really getting into the moment while you are eating.

For those who find the restrictions of other diets suffocating, mindful eating may be the answer even if only for a few meals in a week.

When you are mindful of what you eat, you would eventually learn to make healthy choices as you would know what works for you.

Also, you wouldn't overeat on your unhealthy food choices because you know what it can do to your body. Besides, you will find that it will be easier to eat in moderation rather than not eating your favorite food and fighting off the temptation to do otherwise all the time.

Image credit courtesy of Nedra/Flickr

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