Trend of Tokenization Series: Security Tokens Look Handy At InvestorID

The Security Tokens that resembles the conventional financial instruments, like, shares, debentures or units in a collective investment scheme.

On the back of security tokens being the trending talk of blockchain-driven innovations to conventional financial services, investorID, which is a decentralized application for identity verification, has made the announcement of the launch of trading facilities of tokenized securities.

Through this dApp, the clients are well-equipped in generating an on-chain identity platform which is legally compliant.

Well, as per the Tokeny, which is the start-up of investorID, the brand new dApp intends to crack down the obstacles in the regulatory frameworks of validating the credentials of token holders. 

The CEO of Tokeny, Luc Falempin said“By creating investorID,  issuers can act in full confidence that their securities are being accessed and traded compliantly. There wasn’t a solution on the market that accurately identifies the different stakeholders on the blockchain infrastructure, but it is a mandatory piece in order to apply securities laws in Europe.”

The investors’ safe-guarding in security tokens is quite essential in order to gain more public traction. Hence, the security tokens are identified to be scrutinized by the regulatory perimeter of the FCA as their classification meets the definition of “specified investments” per the state’s Regulated Activities Order and/or “Financial Instruments” regulated by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II. tZERO intends to primarily transform conventional capital markets and truly address the inherent inefficiencies of Wall Street so that financial processes.

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