Trend of Tokenization Series: Launch of Huobi Prime and Huobi Token (HT) Senses Huge Investment Inflow

The transformation of conceptualization of tokenization in the pragmatic ecosystem has been buzzing across the globe, we learned tokenization market is getting more traction and is reportedly valued millions of USDs and is expected to grow exponentially by the end of 2023 with a swift pace of CAGR between 2017 and 2023. This is possible mainly because of robust Blockchain technology’s unique properties to tokenize the assets are commendable and potential seems to be infinite.

We wish to reiterate with these live pieces of evidence of mounting interest in tokenization of trading or investing, one can understand that this has become a trending topic of 2019.

The reputed Chinese exchange, Huobi's comprehensive stable coin solution HUSD (HT) is supported crypto-assets on their OTC platform, as per the announcement.

The Huobi has now launched a premium coin rendering service, that enables regular clients to trade and invest in the prosperous coins upfront before listing process on the major exchanges.

The new platform‘Huobi Prime is likely to be launched on March 26th, which will serve features with the opportunity to buy coins at a discount before they are released onto the open market the specialized clients selectively. The featured coins are chosen contemplating the quality of the product, the financial backing, as well as whether it was listed on any other major exchanges, as per the Huobi sources.

“Listing through Huobi Prime will involve three rounds of coin offerings, each lasting an hour,” Huobi clarified. “The price of the coin will be capped in each of the three rounds (though the cap will rise as time goes on).”

In addition, Huobi Token (HT), the exchange token is spiked about a mammoth 113% in the recent past. The token’s price has reached to $2.37 to hit with a market cap of $118.485 million.

Joshua Goodbody, General Counsel of Huobi’s Global Institutional team, had mentioned in the past that: More sophisticated investors and traders from more established financial markets looking to gain exposure, including institutional players are visible in the swiftly maturing phase of cryptocurrency gamut. 

At the same time, we think many experienced, successful cryptocurrency traders are looking for a broader range of investment tools that have traditionally been available. Huobi DM is tailor-made to address these sorts of needs, Goodbody further had appended.

While Leon Li, the founder and CEO of the Huobi Group, mentioned in an announcement, that “access to high potential digital assets at rates significantly below their market value” will benefit traders, help the ecosystem grow and provide endorsement to projects the exchange sees as “up-and-coming.”

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