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Travel to Turkey and Save Money on Your Budget

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that offers a solution to hair problems like patterned baldness, hair loss, or problems that have resulted in partial or complete loss of hair. Today, hair transplant procedures are recommended and chosen over other hair treatments. Since the demand and popularity for hair transplants have increased, so has the number of medical institutions offering them. It can be a hard task to choose the right clinic because hair transplant procedures are expensive and require experienced professionals. Amongst the many places in the world today, hair transplants in Turkey are being reported as the best. There are many reasons for Turkey being the best option for getting a hair transplant. Turkey is a place where one can get high-quality hair transplant procedures and also have a vacation at the same time. The hair transplant cost in Turkey is low as compared to other places in the world for various reasons. In the amount of money one will spend on a hair transplant procedure in other places, he can get a hair transplant procedure as well as a refreshing vacation in Turkey for the same price.

Why Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

Amongst the other places in the world, one might wonder why Turkey is the best. After all hair transplant procedures are medical procedures and are going to be the same no matter where. That is true. But for treatment as important as a hair transplant, many things have to be considered such as cost, quality, environment, recovery, aftercare, etc. Here are some reasons why one should choose Turkey for a Hair transplant:

1. Affordability -Hair transplant procedures in Turkey, irrespective of the type of procedure are affordable because the Ministry of Economy in Turkey has subsidized the costs of medical procedures for promoting the country as a popular and affordable medical tourism destination. Even though the cost is low it does not mean that the doctors and surgeons are inexperienced or not qualified. One can find some of the best medical practitioners in Turkey. All the expenses that are a part of a medical procedure such as operating theatre fees, medical staff wages, medication, consultation, insurance premiums, etc are much lower in Turkey. This is because the lifestyle of Turkey is not that lavish, so there is no need for high expenses if compared to other leading countries that offer similar medical treatments.

2. Currency- Another reason that a hair transplant costs less in Turkey because of the exchange rate of the currency. 1 GBP or 1 Pound is almost equal to 8 TL or 8 Turkish Lira. Not only hair transplant procedure but almost every medical treatment and other commodities are much cheaper in Turkey.

3. High Quality- Lower prices might mean lower quality. But this is not true with Turkey because the quality of services in Turkey is the same if not better if compared with the best medical procedure in other countries. Unlike many hospitals that are in the UK which are from the Georgian or Victorian times, hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions in Turkey are new developments. The buildings are designed well and according to the modern state of the art and well equipped with advanced and latest technology.

4. Experienced and Qualified Medical Doctors- The Turkish doctors that provide treatment and conduct surgeries are reliable because they are experienced and qualified. The education system in the medical institutions of Turkey allows aspiring doctors or interns to treat patients under strict supervision while they are students in medical schools. Due to this fact, doctors in Turkey are more experience than doctors in the same medical speciality in the UK.

Hair Transplant has become an extremely popular medical treatment. Even though several non-surgical procedures exist people are beginning to opt for hair transplants over other treatments because of the natural and effective results. Moreover, these surgical hair transplants are just like any hair, with proper care you can gain what you missed on. Many celebrities like Ben Affleck, Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Costner are reported to have gone through hair transplant procedures.

Turkey is a good location not only for hair transplants but also for a vacation. As mentioned earlier, the living cost in Turkey is quite affordable which makes it an ideal place for tourism. Apart from low cost, Istanbul and Izmir both the cities are centres of attraction. This is because the number of monuments, exceptional architecture, historical buildings is exceptional to see. The ambience of Turkey is pretty welcoming irrespective of what season among the four you choose to go in. Turkey is a favourable place to go in any climate.

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