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Trading Crypto like a Pro with eToro CopyTrader™ at eToro


  • eToro launches CopyTrader™ for cryptocurrency trading in the US
  • Registered traders can automatically copy the top-performing crypto traders
  • eToro enlists Hollywood A-list celebrity Alec Baldwin to promote CopyTrader™ for crypto

eToro is one of the most respected names in the global online trading arena. Among the many powerful features provided by eToro is CopyTrader™. The eToro platform allows traders to automatically copy the trades of successful traders, thereby mimicking their performance in their own accounts. CopyTrader™ is a nifty resource designed to help cryptocurrency traders and investors derive maximum yield from this highly volatile market.

The eToro trading platform is served by eToro USA LLC, and registered clients are able to copy featured eToro traders at the click of a button. This powerful functionality is geared towards traders across the spectrum – newbies and experienced professionals. This leveraging tool piggybacks off the success of top-performing cryptocurrency traders, and instantly replicates their trades.

Getting started with CopyTrader™ is a breeze. Registered traders simply need to navigate to the Copy Traders tab from the app and choose from a selection of Popular Investors. Among the many top-tier cryptocurrency influencers are the host of DataDash YouTube channel, Nicholas Merton. Other crypto influencers include Ben Askren – the #11 ranked welterweight champ in the UFC.

Together, these two cryptocurrency influencers boast a combined following of 1 million people. Owing to their popularity in the social trading universe, many members of the eToro community have picked them as eligible contenders for Copy Trading. The power of eToro’s growing global community of users is its social component.

Thanks to CopyTrader, anyone registered at eToro can replicate the trades of successful traders. This allows you to build a great portfolio with no learning curve necessary. The trades are executed in real time, at the same price, in proportional amounts. Since eToro automatically lists the top-performing crypto traders, it's a cinch choosing the right ones to copy.

‘CopyTrader allows users with less time or expertise to connect with users who have demonstrated capabilities in the trading space, all on one platform…’ said Guy Hirsch, the US MD of eToro.

CopyTrader™ functionality is offered at no additional cost. Plus, eToro does not levy any management fees on accounts, and there are no hidden charges for traders(T&C) to worry about. Copied traders are paid directly through the Popular Investor Program at eToro. Since this social trading network is all about building a thriving community, there is plenty of collaboration at play, helping newbies to soak up as much information as possible from experts in the field.

eToro’s interactive trading community is peppered with valuable data to make informed trading decisions. The democratization of eToro’s investment portfolio management services is geared towards traders and investors across the board. Since you retain full control of your account at all times, there is no risk of your account being supplanted by those you are copying. It's just as easy to stop copying a trader as it is to start copying a trader.

eToro Signs A-List Celebrity Alec Baldwin to Promote CopyTrader

Acclaimed Hollywood actor, Alec Baldwin has partnered with eToro to promote the CopyTrader™ feature. Baldwin's prominence in Hollywood and in mainstream media circles automatically grants him social influencer status with crypto. As digital currency trading goes mainstream, top-tier celebrities like Baldwin are bringing this message to more traders and investors across the US.

Cryptocurrency continues to hog the limelight as Fintech companies bring exciting and innovative new products to market, to facilitate value transfers in double-quick time at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking channels. As a stand-alone investment opportunity, crypto is a highly desirable contrarian asset class to include in a portfolio.

CopyTrader empowers the eToro community to collaborate in improving the experience of investing for traders of all levels of experience. Our traders are able to comment, share, and engage with each other in a way that's unique across all asset classes…’ said Yoni Assia, Co-Founder & CEO of eToro.

eToro registered members trade an estimated $1 trillion per annum, and the company boasts 11 million registered users across 140 countries. The inclusion of CopyTrader™ for crypto trading in the US is expected to further enhance this company's portfolio of investment opportunities, and registered traders.

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