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The Key Things To Learn For A More Growth On Instagram

With more growth on Instagram, you can earn better value than most social media networks. Nevertheless, there are a few key things you have to learn to achieve this higher value. For example, you need to learn what your followers want, which kind of content compels your audience to buy or take action, how to create compelling captions, scheduling posts at the right time, and geotaging posts.

It takes only a few days to learn all of these strategies. Once you start implementing them, your business wins an opportunity to witness consistent growth as long as you continue applying them.

One by one, let’s review them.

1. Learn What Your Followers Want

If you do not learn what your followers want, you will end up giving them the wrong thing which may eventually cause many if not all to unfollow you. So, the first thing after creating an account and getting a few followers, know what they want from you. Give them exactly that. If possible, exceed their expectations so that they can start looking forward to your posts. You can know your follower’s likes by checking which of your posts have higher engagement. Also, check their comments to see what they are requesting for.

Alternatively, you can do a poll using the poll sticker option in your Instagram stories to request your audience to tell you what they would want from you in your next posts.

2. Learn To Use Relevant Hashtags

Did you know that Instagram is now pushing for the use of more relevant hashtags? That means, you may use seven hashtags and your competitor to use three relevant hashtags and he ends up outgrowing you even though you have used more hashtags than him.

It is, therefore, crucial to know how to get the most relevant hashtags. So, which are these relevant hashtags? Trending, branded, popular, and location hashtags.

Let me explain more.

To know which are the trending hashtags in your niche, check on Instagram explore page. A branded hashtag is one that has the name of your company. Otherwise, you can use a more specific or unique tag to increase growth for your brand.

Well, even without thinking, you know that there are those pictures that most Instagram users like in your niche. Use such hashtags. They are known as popular hashtags. Finally, find out where most of your followers are located. Use a Geotag focusing on that location so that you can reach them fast and others so as to up your growth. Studies show that Geotags can give you a growth increase of up to 79%.

3. Scheduling Posts

At times people tend to forget to post at the time when their audiences are online. That’s why it is vital to learn how to use tools such as Hootsuite to schedule your posts. That way, both you and your followers will know that a specific time is the right time to expect a post.

Learn to honor your schedules so that you won’t lug behind schedule or miss it altogether.

4. Increase Growth By Learning To Use Captions Appropriately

Just like a Meta description in content, captions are what makes a person decide if to click on a particular link for more details or to leave it. So, learn how to include the most charming information in the first lines of your text. You can decide to use the long form captions or the short ones depending on your audience. Alternatively, you can use long and short captions interchangeably.

It will also help you to know the caption that your audience loves most. At the end of the post, leave a question that will instill engagement in your audience.

Over To You

There are so many things you can learn to attain more growth on Instagram. However, not all will work well for you. Again, not all have proven to work. The above-mentioned things are the most key ones. Just learn what impresses your audience, give it to them through scheduled posts, and use captions the right way to win their attention. Finally, identify the most relevant hashtags to use and learn how to use them effectively.

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