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The Best Security Apps to Use on Your Phone

Most people have smartphones that hold some of the most sensitive details about their lives. But quite often, the security of these devices lacks since most users aren't all that concerned about safeguarding their device security. The furthest most of them go setting up a PIN lock or an identity verification program on their device. However, with the recent surge in hacking activities and data leaks today, there is reason to remain proactive in enduring phone data security.

Most phones today run on either iOS or Android operating systems. As such, numerous security applications have been developed for use on these devices. The phones have different features that distinguish each from the other. Some security apps are well optimized to adhere to strict guidelines on privacy and security matters. They also have added features that aim to help you locate a device whenever it goes missing and shield your information from getting in the hands of the wrong people. Here are a few apps you could use to help protect your personal data.

VPN Apps

Overall, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the most convenient forms of security out there. They work to shield your device from possible breaches. This makes it easier for you to connect to unsecured public internet service without having to worry about your information and passwords being compromised. When you are planning to go outside the US, for instance to China, you must use a locally available provider. A good (China VPN service) offers you incredible speed on top of consistency and security.

VPNs are optimized to work on either of the two operating systems depending on their security framework protocols. It is worth remembering that a reliable VPN service will not be free. You have to part with some cash to enjoy the benefits of a reliable VPN service. One of the most popular examples of a reliable VPN is the Express VPN service, commended for its wide variety of features.

As of 2017, about 31 percent of mobile device users admitted to using VPNs on their devices. This can be attributed to the obvious benefits that these apps bring to the table. A VPN works by masking your IP address so that anyone snooping around cannot access any of your information. It can also help you browse privately shielding your passwords from possible theft.

The Jumbo App

Social media platforms constantly change their privacy protocols, which makes it harder to know what they represent. Jumbo comes in handy to educate you on what details to keep private on your social platforms. Through this app, you can access all your accounts at your own convenience. It allows you to eliminate any old posts or information you would like deleted.

The app can also prevent Google from acquiring information that you would rather keep private, especially when it comes to ad algorithms. Jumbo's best thing is that each deleted post or detail stays secured within the application, making it impossible to access it from third-party applications.


Malwarebytes helps shield your phone from possible attacks from malware, among other unfavorable threats that may affect your device. It is mostly optimized to work on Android gadgets. It works by identifying such harmful programs and eliminating them before they can cause harm to your phone. This app also identifies phishing webpages on your phone's browser.

When it comes across a harmful website, it sends out an alert to let you know that the site isn't safe. Malwarebytes monitors your privacy settings regularly and checks on which apps have permissions to access your device. This way, it can identify any unusual activity from the apps installed on your phone and limit their access as per your request. The app has a payment plan set at $3.33 a month with about 500 million downloads reported in 2015.

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