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Tesla Cybertruck release date, design: Electric pickup’s size won’t change; Smaller electric truck is ‘probably’ getting made

From the Tesla Cybertruck trailer video | Photo credit: Tesla/YouTube screenshot

People who have pre-ordered the Cybertruck should no longer expect its dimensions to get any smaller once it enters production. Tesla CEO Elon Musk settles it and confirms they can no longer make the electric pickup smaller but presents the possibility of releasing a different “tight world” truck in the future.

Tesla Cybertruck release date, design: What to expect

Musk will appear on CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage” in an upcoming episode on Wednesday. In a teaser, Leno is seen driving a Tesla Cybertruck prototype with Musk on the passenger seat. The latter is asked about the difference in the size of the truck’s prototype and when it finally goes into production.

Musk tells Leno that the vehicle they are using is about 5% “too big.” He adds in the promo clip, “We’d just take all proportions and drop them by about 5%, so it’s gonna fit in a normal garage.”

However, Musk corrected his statement shortly after the promo video went viral on Twitter. He said, after consulting with Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, scaling down the overall dimensions of the Tesla Cybertruck even by around 3% is not feasible and would be “too small.”

That means the dimensions of the prototype seen at the car unveiling last November would be similar to the specifications when the full production starts. Those who are worried about having a pickup truck too big for their garage might have to wait and see if Tesla follows through with Musk’s idea – a “smaller, tight world truck at some point.”

Tesla Cybertruck specs, dimensions

The official specs listed for the three variants of Tesla Cybertruck do not list the official dimensions of the vehicles, except that it would require up to a 16-inch ground clearance along with 35 degrees of approach angle and 28 degrees of departure angle. But Electrek reports the prototype presented had 231.7-inch length, 79.8-inch width, and 75-inch height.

Tesla Cybertruck is now up for orders and will only require a “fully refundable” $100 fee, but the actual price of the vehicle starts at $39,900 and goes up to $69,900. The electric pickup is slated to enter production in late 2021.

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