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Starbucks Japan’s summer teas deliver all the goodness of matcha, youthberry, and yuzu peels

The Double Matcha Tea Latte and Strawberry and Youthberry Tea

Starbucks Japan is answering the call towards providing lighter, more refreshing beverages as we head into the hot and humid days of summer with a new trio of summer teas.

A small Yuzu Citrus and Tea and a small Strawberry and Youthberry Tea cost 470 yen each, while a Venti-sized costs 610 yen.

The matcha liquid, which is poured over the icy milk just before it is served, creates lovely swirls of creamy green in the Double Matcha Tea Latte.

The flavor of the powdered green tea was said to be much stronger than the average matcha-flavored Starbucks drink.

While it was strong, it was still delicious and well-balanced, creating a harmonious blend of flavors on the palate.

The Youthberry is a citrus white tea blend that’s filled with antioxidants but with less caffeine than green tea.

The Strawberry and Youthberry Tea already has a strong flavor profile on its own thanks to the addition of pineapple, mango, hibiscus, and apple. The addition of strawberry, apple puree, and quince juice to the Youthberry blend in this new summer beverage gives it even more flavor.

Japanese yuzu peels are combined with black tea and citrus fruits like pink grapefruit in the Yuzu Citrus and Tea beverage.

The Strawberry and Youthberry beverage and the Yuzu Citrus and Tea are available until Aug 1.

Meanwhile, the matcha tea will be available up to Dec 25.

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