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Seven Multi-Functional Travel Apps

Whether you are going to the French Riviera for a well-deserved vacation, visiting the historically rich cities of Italy, travelling to the capital of fashion in Paris, or planning to lounge in the cafes in Amsterdam, having a good travel app on your smartphone can massively enhance your overall travel experience. Here are seven of the best-rated travel apps available on the market at the moment:

1. Omio

Formerly known as GoEuro, Omio is undoubtedly the best multi-modal travelling app out there— available on both Android and iOS devices. This app is a must-have for anyone intending to travel to mainland Europe—either for business or pleasure. The Omio journey planner app offers the following exceptional features to its users:

Mobile Ticketing:

In the Omio app’s booking section, you can make bookings to reserve your seat with any of the 800+ transport partners. Through a simple and user-friendly interface with secure payment, the app generates a QR code that acts as the mobile ticket. This mobile ticket saves you from the hassle involved in printing and holding on to paper ticket. With Omio your bus, train and airplane tickets are conveniently in one place.

Travel coordination:

The Omio app allows you to seamlessly switch between the different transport providers for different sections of your trip. You can therefore easily plan ahead as to which parts of the trip to dedicate to sight-seeing, stay-overs, leisure and so forth.

Secure Payment:

All payments made within the Omio app make use of secure mainstream online payment platforms such as Paypal, SOFORT, Stripe, Payoneer and all major debit and credit cards. Omio ensures your financial details remain safe from fraudsters.

The Omio app has an extensive database on all places of interest and all major hotels on mainland Europe.

2. TripAdvisor

Anyone who has used the internet to search for information on places to visit is bound to have come across the TripAdvisor website. The highly rated app version of the website offers access to a global database of hotels and destinations.

By using the app you can find the information like accommodation available at a particular destination i.e. nightly rate at the place of stay for different types and styles of accommodation on offer. It is worth noting that the app displays the rates in US Dollars and British Pounds and not the local currency. Thus it might be a little challenging if the hotel you choose were to accept only local currency.

Price comparisons between the rates for overnight stays in different hotels found within the same location. The comparisons are across the board, from the single rooms to full sized mansions.

The TripAdvisor app can help you maximize your savings with hotel rates and add convenience which can end up making your trip much more enjoyable. Furthermore, the app will allow you to book flights online and make payments for accommodation with the utmost ease.

3. Airbnb

This app is for those people who are more into an organic experience while on holiday. If you are such a person then you would have a preference for renting a room from a local host rather than renting a room at a local hotel.

The Airbnb app will offer you the chance to get pre-acquainted with the place you intend to visit through the photos posted by the would-be host. The app allows you to pick a host from several who might be available from the reviews other past guests post about their stay. Having a local host has the advantage of affording you a local guide of sorts who will know all the best spots.

Airbnb will grant you access to affordable accommodation ranging from a single bed to an entire furnished apartment or even castle. You will certainly find unusual accommodations like boats, tree houses and more for a unique holiday experience.

4. Google Trips

If you intend to do some hiking while on your trip then it would be wise to have the Google Trips app on your phone. This is primarily due to its exemplary and precise geo-location capability practically obliterating any chance of you getting lost. The app offers the following features:

Getting Around:

This feature essentially shows you how to get from one place to another. For example, the app will provide you with instructions on the most convenient way to get from the airport to your hotel’s destination. All you need to do is provide the intended destination and the app does the rest.

Need to Know:

The need to know feature makes you aware of auxiliary places of your interest within your vicinity as well as providing essential information such as the nearest hospital, shopping malls, public amenities and so forth.

Day Plans:

This feature combines a map with a day schedule which helps you keep track of both your time and your planned activities.

5. Hopper

If you are keen on making notable savings on the fares you pay for travel and the rates you pay for accommodation, then you should certainly have the Hopper app. The Hopper app has access to an extensive and dynamic database that continually tracks the fluctuations in travel fares and hotel rates.

The Hopper app will allow you to schedule your travel times to match periods of lowest fares and times of arrival to coincide with low hotel rates. The app continually notifies you of when rates and fares are at their lowest. So the Hopper app enables you to make considerable savings while on your trip.

6. TripIt

This is a great app to use especially if you are a large but separate group who intend to travel together to the same destination. The app makes it possible to keep everyone up-to-date with the progress of the other members of the travel party. The app also allows individuals who might temporarily leave the main group to remain in the loop till they rejoin it. This app would be great for company sponsored trips, school class trips and other such events.

7. Hipmunk

This app is for you if you have trouble picking just the right destination for your holiday. The Hipmunk app groups destinations according to proximity and convenience of travel under categories such as ‘spectacular beaches’, ‘amazing wildlife’ and so forth. This definitely makes it easier to pick just the right destination for you, all at the best air fares.

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