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Samsung Display to supply Apple with OLED as it ditches LCD technology

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Samsung Display will be benefiting big time as Apple ditches the LCD technology and shifts to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panels for its new iPad models. It was reported that the American tech company has chosen the South Korean display maker to be its supplier.

Apple is changing its iPad’s display panel

It was reported that Apple will no longer use the LCD technology for its devices and will be moving to OLED. The company’s range of smart devices will all be fitted with this type of panel, and this decision will surely bolster the profits of display makers, especially in South Korea.

As per The Korea Times, the iPhone maker is releasing the latest model of its iPad devices next year, and these will already have the OLED display. It was said that this will be the very first batch of Apple’s iPad to have the said type of panel display.

On the other hand, some of the company’s iPhones are already using OLEDs, so it is not totally new to Apple. Now, with the change, the publication stated that both LG Display and Samsung Display will be benefitting from Apple’s decision to change its iPad panels since they will be the main suppliers.

"The transition in the small to mid-sized display market to OLED is accelerating, as these are a superior, next-generation display," an insider stated. "This is set to benefit local display makers given Chinese competitors have yet to catch up in OLED technology."

In any case, the Korean firms are said to be planning to add more equipment for the production of the OLED displays so they can supply and meet the demand. LG and Samsung Display declined to say anything about the deal because this is about Apple’s business, and they are only its suppliers.

Preparation for a possible deal

Sam Mobile reported that Samsung Display is in the process of reviewing investment plans for its OLED production. Allegedly, the company is in talks with Dainippon Printing of Japan for the supply of fine metal mask (FMM), which is needed for making the said type of display.

Finally, while both Samsung Display and LG Display may be Apple’s official suppliers, it was said that the American firm may also pick just one from them. Still, if it will decide to go for only one supplier, S. Korea will still benefit from the deal as both are local companies.

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