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Restaurant Chairs Buying Guide 2022

You have prepared your business plan, selected your location, created your menu, considered staff, and are anxious to get out there and run a successful restaurant. You have covered all your bases, right?

Restaurant chairs are an important feature of the restaurant experience that is frequently disregarded while starting and operating a restaurant. After all, your visitors will be spending a lot of time getting to know what they're sitting on!

You have committed to a balancing act when it comes to purchasing cafe, bar, or restaurant furniture. You're balancing comfort, affordability, durability, and how well everything goes with the theme and atmosphere you are trying to achieve, and sadly, unless you have a limitless budget, you may have to trade these traits off against each other. Our team at Restaurant-Furniture.COM has put together a complete restaurant chair shopping guide to make your life easier!

Basic things to remember when buying chairs for your restaurant:

  • Your surroundings and concept

  • Make certain that everything you buy is of commercial quality

  • Consider the upkeep requirements

  • Furniture that serves two functions (i.e. a furniture piece that looks in place both outdoors and indoors)

Restaurant Chair Heights

When selecting restaurant chairs you should remember that there are three basic heights for restaurant/bar chairs.

These are:

  • Dining chair height – 45cm (18 inches).

  • Counter chair height – 61cm (24 inches).

  • Bar-stool height – 76cm (30 inches).

Armchairs should be avoided unless your setting and theme necessitate them. They frequently do not fit entirely under tables and must be pulled out further than their armless counterparts. Larger consumers are better accommodated with armless chairs.

Consider the life-cycle cost of the commercial chairs for a restaurant – good chairs aren't cheap. Purchasing commercial quality is a necessity. Verify warranties - a commercial guarantee of two years will see more use than a residential warranty of twenty years. A robust chair may be reupholstered several times, keeping it looking wonderful for a fraction of the expense of replacing it. Decisions like these may need a few additional dollars upfront but are the less expensive long-term alternative.

Restaurant Chair Materials


Its timeless elegance and ability to complement a wide range of decors make it a favorite restaurant chair choice. Higher-backed chairs are required in more opulent settings. Upholstered cushions or seat covers provide more comfort, whereas bare seat versions promote faster table turnover.


Metal chairs' nostalgic appeal makes them excellent for venues that include raw brick, steel beams, and an industrial aesthetic. They are also ideal for dessert cafes or theme restaurants due of their throwback retro flair. The fact that it is less comfortable than wood furniture serves to deter lingering. Outdoor chairs made of aluminum are safe.

Plastic (High-quality polymer)

Quality ranges from cheap and cheerful hardware store finds to pricey solutions in the plastic chair arsenal. Plastic is an underutilized chair material because of its low cost, excellent durability, and ease of cleaning.


Parsons chairs have completely upholstered tall backs and seats, giving them an elegant look and feel that encourages diners to settle in for bigger three-course dinners. These are ideal for high-end restaurants. Dirt and stains will be more visible in light colors.


This form of back is distinguished by vertical or horizontal slat supports on the back, which is quite comfortable and provides excellent airflow. Slat-backed chairs do not catch the wind as easily when put outside.


Whether you're opening a new restaurant or remodeling an old one, you'll need to make various design selections. The list goes on and on, from your restaurant's theme to its location, from your menu to the restaurant furniture, and so on. The seats in any restaurant are one of the most important design aspects. We hope that these tips shared by our team at Restaurant-Furniture.COM will help you buy the best restaurant chairs for your venue!

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