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‘Red Dead Online’ Halloween update leaks: Datamine suggests new Outlaw Pass ‘after October 19’

From the trailer of 'Red Dead Online: The Naturalist' | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

Rockstar Games have recently been teasing fans with more updates to arrive on its online multiplayer game. While some upcoming content for “Red Dead Online” is already announced, others such as themed events are still under the radar. However, some files reportedly meant for the upcoming Halloween update also just leaked online.

What to expect from ‘Red Dead Online’ Halloween Event this year?

Having a Halloween update for “Red Dead Online” is not surprising at all, but it is still interesting to know what new content is arriving before Rockstar even announces them. This week, several assets were reportedly datamined from update files appear on Twitter suggesting they represent some spooky items to expect this fall.

The Twitter page @Rockstar_Actu posted online that the Halloween-themed items are just some of the “various things” they found in the update files. They also claimed that a new Outlaw Pass should be revealed after Oct. 19. Note, though this is not a piece of ultra-exclusive information since Rockstar has announced the currently available Outlaw Pass No. 3 will only be accessible through Oct. 19.

However, the same source also shared a collage of photos that do carry a Halloween vibe and appear to be believable upcoming items on “Red Dead Online.” One of the images shows a message fitting for the occasion, “Celebrate the Season of the Strange and Supernatural.” The rest are mostly cosmetics including skull skin for the machete, blindfolds, and spooky masks for the horses. The Moonshine Bar interior would also be redesigned with a “special Halloween theme.”

“Red Dead Online” players might have to wait for a few more months to see if these details will tally. The game’s annual Halloween Event usually goes live in late October.

‘Red Dead Online’ gets a new Frontier Pursuit

While waiting for the spooky items to arrive, “Red Dead Online” can keep themselves busy in exploring the new gameplay features that went live with the newest Frontier Pursuit called “The Naturalist.” Two new characters at odds with each other are introduced namely the conservationist Harriet Davenport and big game hunter Gus Mcmillan.

The main premise is to choose a side because they both have rewards for players who will help them to either search for wildlife animals only for observation while the other wants a skilled hunting and poaching companion. “Red Dead Online” players will be able to serve their conflicting interests, but Harriet will not let it pass once she finds out.

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