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Pixel Buds A release date, design: Google leaks next wireless earbuds’ design and official name

Google Pixel Buds | Photo credit: Daniel Romero (@rmrdnl) / Unsplash

The name and appearance of many upcoming tech products often get leaked by industry sources, and many of them turn out to be accurate bits of information. However, in the case of Pixel Buds A, these details may have already been confirmed, albeit accidentally, by no other than Google.

Thanks to Google, the Pixel Buds A names seems confirmed

A promotional tweet posted by the official Twitter page of Android talked about the rumored Pixel Buds A as if the device has been officially launched. The formal announcement has obviously not happened yet, but considering the source of this leak, the product could be considered as good as confirmed at this point.

While the tweet in question has since been removed, 9To5Google managed to take a screenshot for every Pixel fan to enjoy. Written in large texts, Android confirmed there will be a “new Pixel Buds” soon and it will be compatible with the Fast Pair feature. Using Bluetooth Low Energy connection, Pixel phones can detect if there are nearby Pixel accessories. The phone will then display a prompt asking the user if they want the devices to be connected with one tap.

The same leak also confirms the Pixel Buds A will be compatible with devices running Android 6 or later. On the right side of the image, the Fast Pair prompt also refers to the earbuds as Pixel Buds A, possibly another confirmation of what its official name is going to be.

The actual wireless earbuds can also be seen in the image sporting the rumored design tweaks for Pixel Buds A. The unit in the promo is in color white, and as mentioned in previous reports, Google appears to be ditching the two-tone colorway. This detail was also spotted in an earlier promo email for Nest customers, yet another leak that came from Google.

Pixel Buds A release date happening soon?

Based on the words used in the accidental leak, it seems like a promo poster the Android page has in its Twitter drafts. This has then led to speculations that the Pixel Buds A launch could be happening very soon.

It can be recalled that Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently hinted at having “significant products” to announce at the Google I/O on May 18-20. Considering the leak from Android, Pixel Buds A could be one of those items.

Featured photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

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