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‘Pharma Bro’ Claims Barron Trump Holds Private Keys to DJT Token

Martin Shkreli claims Barron Trump created the DJT token and holds its private keys.

Martin Shkreli, known as "Pharma Bro," claims Barron Trump, Donald Trump's son, created the DJT token and holds its private keys. Shkreli asserts the token was approved by Donald Trump.

Shkreli Claims Barron Trump Launched DJT Token with Donald Trump's Consent, Holds Private Keys

As Cointelegraph reported, Martin Shkreli, also known as "Pharma Bro," has recently claimed that Barron Trump, Donald Trump's 18-year-old son, initiated the TrumpCoin (DJT) token with his father's consent and currently possesses the private keys to its smart contract address.

According to Birdseye data, Shkreli, who served over six years in prison for securities fraud, alleges that Barron Trump approached him in April to introduce the Solana-based token, which is currently valued at $146 million.

Barron Trump and his representatives have not released a public statement.

In an X Spaces hosted by Mario Nawfal, Shkreli asserted that he only provided advice to his "friend" Trump regarding the token launch but did not actively participate in its deployment.

Instead, he contended that Trump was the genuine inventor of DJT and that the cryptocurrency influencer "Ansem" was also involved.

“I taught someone how to make a contact, and they pushed the button, not me. Keys are with Trump, not me,” Shkreli said in an X post. In an X Spaces on June 18, Shkreli suggested ten people were involved in the token launch.

”I did not act alone.”

Additionally, he asserted that Trump was in communication with Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, to explore the possibility of listing DJT. Kraken responded to Cointelegraph's inquiry within its standard business hours.

Additionally, he asserts that Donald Trump was aware of the DJT token and "approved" it.

“I have receipts of Barron saying his dad approved it.”

Shkreli attempted to substantiate his argument by incorporating "Mongolian Prince" into the X Spaces, an adolescent with fewer than 500 X followers who additionally purportedly collaborated with Shkreli.

When an audience member inquired whether "Barron made the token" and "has the private keys," the Mongolian Prince responded with a resounding "mmhmm." His shyness was evident.

“Who deployed the contract,” another audience member asked. Monologian Prince responded: “Barron.”

“[Barron] wanted to do something special, something significant, and we all wanted to help him with that.”

Mongolian Prince asserts that he recently encountered Trump in Florida; however, his account of Trump's purported involvement needs to be more explicit, according to his account.

Barron Trump Demonstrated DJT Token to Father, Shkreli's Claims Stir Debate Over Credibility and Motives

According to the Mongolian Prince, Barron demonstrated his Phantom wallet, based on Solana, to his father before the DJT token debut. His father's response, according to the Prince, was to laugh.

His seven-hour X Spaces occurred the day after blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence awarded blockchain detective ZachXBT $150,000 for purportedly identifying Shkreli as the creator of the DJT token.

Adam Cochran, a partner at the venture capital firm Cinneamhain Ventures, accused Shkreli of "attempting to discredit Barron" to clear his reputation.

Shkreli's account of the events was deemed credible by numerous audience members in the X Spaces. Others disagreed, asserting that Trump would not be so naive as to risk causing controversy for his father during an election year.

In 2017, in federal court, Shkreli was found guilty of two securities fraud counts and one conspiracy. As a consequence, he was incarcerated for nearly seven years and was required to pay penalties totaling approximately $70 million.

Some have suggested that Shkreli's recent involvement could violate his parole conditions; however, Shkreli has denied this.

The 1.6 million follower X account "BORED" stated that Shkreli would return to prison. In response, Shkreli said, "Read the law, idiot."

Photo: Official White House Photo By Tia Dufour/Public Domain

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